35 Website Affiliate Programs

35 Website Affiliate Programs


Many people who get into affiliate marketing have the end goal of making more money and 35 Website Affiliate Programs can help you achieve that. As you make sales, you get to earn more commission from each product. However, you want to learn how to make more money using affiliate marketing, this article is for you. 

Here, we’d be providing a list of 35 website affiliate programs you can sign up for and start making sales. Likewise, our list of affiliate programs cuts across beauty, fashion, travel, website builders, or even web hosting categories.

Analysis has revealed that affiliates who make more money from affiliate marketing have chosen specific niches. So let’s get straight to it. 

35 Website Affiliate Programs 

1. Fiverr Affiliate Program

The Fiverr affiliate program is easy to use and make quick cash from. Fiverr is regarded as one of the best freelancing platforms. Services such as writing, web development, programming, etc., are available at cheap and varying rates. 

Affiliates on this platform earn $150 CPA for every first-time buyer. Affiliates can also promote their gigs and make them go viral with the Fiverr gig ads function. 

2. Bluehost

Out of the 35 website affiliate programs, Bluehost is popularly known for its web hosting services. Not a lot of people know that it also has an affiliate program that helps Affiliates earn as much as $65 thousand per payout.

In case you’re wondering how it all works, note that this website affiliate program works closely with affiliate blogging. Bloggers get to make money online by promoting the Bluehost platform as a reliable online web hosting service.

Payments are usually made between the 16th and the end of the month. But the more referrals you make, the higher your payout. 

3. Hostinger

You can make money using this hosting affiliate system. Although this system offers commissions as high as $150 for each sale, you can raise the bar by earning $60 to $150. 

From the 35 website affiliate programs, Hostinger also provides banners and promotional tools to help new affiliates get started.

4. Elementor

This is a platform for building dynamic websites. It makes web development easy and less technical. You, however, don’t require complex lines of codes. The platform also hosts a large community of web developers.

Here, Ideas, feedback, comments, questions, tips, and advice are shared. If you ever have trouble using the tool, the community is a great place to seek solutions. 

The Elementor affiliate programs provide users and affiliate an opportunity to earn as much as 50% on each sale. You can also gain access to packages ranging from $49 to $999. Each plan is suited to the demands of your audience. 

5. Cloudways As One Of The 35 Website Affiliate Programs

This is a web hosting platform that ensures you get high payouts and consistent commissions. However, this program is structured into three models for payouts. 

One-time payouts where affiliates can make up to $125 on a single sale. 

The hybrid model allows you to earn $40 on each sale and a 7% lifetime commission on a consumer. 

You can also use the tracking tool to know how your affiliate campaign is going and how many conversions you’ve made. 

The platform also gives users access to several account managers. These account managers’ job is to provide resources such as emails, newsletters, blog articles, and guides. 

6. HostGator.

The HostGator affiliate system grants reward based on your ability to refer clients to use the platform. However, upon signing up, you get a $100 commission, and other flexible landing page offers. 

Nevertheless, the percentage of commission you get at the end of the year is dependent on the number of referrals you can make.

Affiliates are given access to the hybrid or performance-based model to monitor their referral source.

You would also be given an affiliate account manager. As a bonus, you will be allowed to use tools such as text links, banners, article contents, email templates. If you’re looking for a way to earn money while using our hosting platform, then you should consider HostGator.

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7. GreenGeeks.

This is another powerful web hosting platform that offers user-friendly deals and packages. GreenGeeks seeks to eradicate the level of carbon footprints available on websites. The company achieves this goal by replacing the amount of energy utilized with renewable energy credits. 

You can be sure of making as much as $125 on each sale if you can gain wide acceptance and credibility. Meanwhile, testimonies of affiliates have revealed a total of $3.5 million over the years. With the help of account managers, you can be sure that you’d make more sales and earn more commissions. 

8. WPEngine

Firstly, if you’re thinking about the best and highest web hosting platforms, you should be concerned with the WP engine. Some affiliates can get started on a $200 budget. If you’re a WordPress plugin, blogger, or theme expert, you should be familiar with the WP platform. 

You will be given incentives and pricing tiers. Imagine receiving $100 extra after completing five sales. The tool keeps increasing as you make more sales.

9. Liquid Web

The Liquid Web platform operates an affiliate model which offers as much as 150% per sale. If we put this contextually, we should be thinking between $150 to $7,000 for a single product or client.

You would also be given access to account managers whose function is to carry out a two-tier setup. This system makes it possible to receive credits die every time you make it through your affiliate links. 

If you’re looking for a terrific affiliate marketing program with high payouts, check out Liquid Web.

10. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a marketing tool that performs features in collaboration with landing page builders, CRM, email marketing software, etc. 

Guess what? Affiliates receive payment for purchases and for generating leads. As an example, imagine a product with a commission of $5. If you receive another $100, it would be a tip for the paying customer. You can get your commissions through PayPal.

To gain ground on this platform, we’ll provide you with a 90-day cookie system and tracking tool for measuring affiliates’ progress. 

11. PureVPN

PureVPN has a unique affiliate system that notifies you of each sale made, contest and reward. If you’re going to subscribe to a one-month plan, you’d be given a 100% offer on sales. As you continue, the platform would provide subsequent sales with a 40% discount. 

12. Surfshark VPN

The Surfshark VPN hopes to satisfy the needs of internet users, guaranteeing privacy and safety for online transactions. It can also help users see contents that have been blocked and prohibited by citizens of a particular area or country. Its affiliate system pays affiliate commissions on referrals made to other users. 

You can earn as much as 40% commissions on every subscription you can market to another user. The market is quite competitive and flooded with a variety of offers. This makes it very easy to make sales.

13. IPVanish

IPVanish has a reliable VPN service that competes with most of the best available in the industry today. 

For the 1-month package: You get a 100% commission, then 35% for recurring referrals. 

You get a 40% commission, then 35% for recurring referrals for the 3-month package.

For the 1 & 2 year packages: You get a 40% commission, then 30% for recurring referrals.

14. ExpressVPN

Since 2009, this program offers online users privacy from threats and location detectors. Its affiliate program pays affiliates based on the payout structure you subscribe for. The following are the commission for each duration. 

1 month- $13, 

Six months -$22

12 months $36.

15. NordVPN

The customers’ subscription affects the commissions that affiliates receive. The platform also offers a 100% commission for one month, 40% for six months, one year, and two-year plans. You also get access to account managers who would help you drive sales. 

16. StrongVPN

This company has been in existence since 2006. Its affiliate program is quite popular and pays affiliates a monthly commission of 200% for sales made. 

17. Wix

WIX helps millions of users build great and interactive websites. It also has an affiliate program with an average payout of $100 commission on each sale. It offers landing pages that you can deploy in different website templates and languages. 

18. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a SaaS e-commerce platform playing host to about 60,000 users. It is known for its ability to bring popularity to brands and companies. The platform has advanced tools and features to promote sales.

With this affiliate program, you can earn as much as $60, $160, $250, and $1,500 for sales made on each product. 

19. Shopify

This is the world’s most popular affiliate program. It hosts about 400,000 merchants with payouts of up to 200% commission. The program is simple to use and navigate. You can also get help using the FAQ section and other affiliate materials available on the wire.

How To Set Up An Affiliate Program On Shopify (1)

20. ClickMeter As One Of The 35 Website Affiliate Programs

ClickMeter helps users track website links and pays out a commission of 90%. This affiliate program also enables you to earn about $891 per sale. The platform also has a team to guide you with your difficulties and concerns. 

21 Superb Themes As One Of The 35 Website Affiliate Programs

This company focuses on WordPress themes and allows users to be able to upload great content using WordPress. Likewise, if you have a flair for promoting WordPress themes, you could earn commissions.

Imagine signing up for an affiliate program that helps you reach as much as 60% on every template you market. You can even get recurring commissions every year as you continue making sales. You will also be given access to a manager who will guide you through the entire program for the first thirty days. 

22. AliDropship As One Of The 35 Website Affiliate Programs

This e-commerce platform is used majorly for drop shipping and can be maximized in two ways. Firstly, you have access to its online store. Secondly, you can also earn commissions for promoting themes, plugins, and addons.

You don’t have to get confused using this affiliate program because you’d be given a 30-day free trial to help you get acquainted with the system.

You can use banners, content templates, and a percentage paid on commission for whatever product or feature you promote during this period. Payments are only made through PayPal accounts.

23. Weebly As One Of The 35 Website Affiliate Programs

More than 40 million users currently use this website builder. It is pretty simple to use and helps you build a sustainable website.

The Weebly Affiliate program provides a 30% commission for customers who keep their subscriptions active. You would also have access to a 120 trial duration. 

24. ReferralCandy

This is a beautiful affiliate program for online stores because it helps you create offers for other customers. For every time you refer someone from an e-commerce platform through ReferralCandy, get a $20 payout.

25. Sellfy As One Of The 35 Website Affiliate Programs

This e-commerce tool is especially for bloggers and content creators who are passionate about selling their digital products, services, and subscriptions. This platform also users a 25% recurring commission throughout the year. Once you sign up for this affiliate program, you get an affiliate manager to help organize your content in ways that enable easy marketing. 

26. 3dcart

3dcart is a quick-growing e-commerce system whose affiliate program makes up to 300% commission available on successful referrals. The program also gives you a sense of security in conversion rates and an affiliate manager. 

27. Site123

This website builder is known for helping users build friendly websites with several templates to choose from. Its affiliate program releases as much as $182 but you can only withdraw your payouts after receiving a commission of $300. 

28. Impact As One Of The 35 Website Affiliate Programs

This is a great partner relationship management software helping brands connect with publishers. You can join several affiliate programs on Airbnb, Uber, Allstate, Adidas, etc. Brands are always looking forward to extending the impact of their products and services. The impact affiliate program is an excellent way of achieving this desire. 

So let’s give a quick list of the tasks the impact platform helps you manage:

Analytics and attribution

Custom contracts

Influencer marketing partnerships

Business development deals

Affiliate partnerships

29. Shareasale

Shareasale has an affiliate network with about a million affiliates already benefiting from the payout system. This network has continued to grow for the past 19 years. Some of the products promoted on this platform cut across niches such as fashion, food and drinks, B2B, home and garden, etc. Other features of the program include affiliate classes, webinars, recommendations, and other marketing tools. 

You also get links and tools that are efficient and accurate in pushing marketing campaigns.

30. CJ by Conversant

CJ by Conversant was formerly known as Commission Junction. It is an affiliate network that is trusted and reliable; it has lasted for 20 years. On an annual basis, the platform pays out about $1.8 billion to affiliates worldwide. 

The CJ affiliate network partners with top and renowned brands such as Overstock, Priceline, GoPro, Lowes, and Office Depot. Just by partnering with these brands, you can leverage more opportunities and make more sales. 

31. Rakuten LinkShare As One Of The 35 Website Affiliate Programs

This was first known as Linkshare. It has been up and running as far back as 1996. The platform, however, hasn’t expanded so much, considering the number of years spent. The brand has spent many years building partnerships with brands such as New Balance, PacSun, Ray-Ban, and Sephora.

The Rakuten affiliate program is one of a kind because it offers users a very intuitive interface. Users are also provided with advanced deep linking tools to help them create rotating banners for more promotions. The setup process is easy and quick to handle. If you’re a little bit sceptical or ignorant of affiliate marketing, Rakuten offers short tutorial videos that can help you scale up your commissions. 

32. Lemonads As One Of The 35 Website Affiliate Programs

Lemonads is an excellent marketing network home to more than 10,000 businesses. The market here is enormous, large enough for diverse affiliate partnerships. 

So what do you gain by signing up for Lemonads affiliate program?

Exclusive customer support. 

Quick and reliable payments using PayPal, repayment, Paxum, or wire.

Advanced affiliate tools to help you optimize your campaigns.

Lemonads helps you multiply your revenue between the first three months.

33. Buzzsprout As One Of The 35 Website Affiliate Programs

This is a podcast platform offering affiliates as much as 20% recurring commissions. If you’re dedicated to your promotions, you will set yourself up for a $20 Amazon gift card just so your conversion rates can be higher. If you’re into podcasting, you should consider the Buzzsprout affiliate program.

That way, you don’t just create podcasts but make money promoting other podcasts. Just so that it doesn’t seem like a difficult task to handle, the app will provide you with a marketing manager to help you develop better content promotions and ideas. 

34. Thinkific

This affiliate program has grown over the years to provide efficient commissions and payouts to its affiliates. On Thinkific, affiliates are paid 30% recurring commissions for products promoted and sold. The platform boasts in its periodic reviews of conversion rates to increase the profits generated by affiliates. 

35. Loom As One Of The 35 Website Affiliate Programs

Loom is a video messaging software that helps content creators screen record content and videos. This tool enables you to save and share exciting content Ideas. Loom also has an affiliate marketing program that offers a 15% recurring payment and a reliable customer support team. 

Conclusion on 35 Website Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing isn’t as hectic as some may project it. Most of the top affiliate marketing programs offer service support and account managers to ease navigation and make executing promotions easy. 



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