Affiliate Programs That Pay Instantly, Daily, Weekly

Affiliate Programs That Pay Instantly, Daily, Weekly 

Unlike the regular 9-5, there is a list of affiliate programs that pay instantly, daily and weekly.

What this means is that you don’t have to wait till the month runs out before you receive payment from your affiliate program. 

One challenge of these kinds of affiliate programs that pay instantly is that people conduct less than honest transactions on their sites. And as such, you have to be careful when signing up for any of these affiliate programs. 

In this article, we are going to look at three kinds of affiliate programs. 

  • Affiliate programs that pay instantly. 
  • The programs that pay daily. 
  • And affiliate programs that pay weekly. 

As a bonus, a list of affiliate programs that pay biweekly is included as well. 

So, keep reading to find out what these affiliate programs are.

List Of Affiliate Programs That Pay Instantly, Daily, Weekly

You can find out how to make money with affiliate marketing here. But read on to find out the list of affiliate programs that pay instantly, daily, weekly.

Affiliate Programs That Pay Instantly

Instant payout affiliate programs do not waste any time at all when it comes to payments. You receive your payment as soon as you make a sale. 


JVZoo is an affiliate program that pays affiliates instantly upon any sale they make. This affiliate program is famous in the internet marketing niche. One factor that they are well known for is that they launch programs in their affiliate niche. 

All of these launched programs stay a long time in the internet market and as an affiliate, you can search for products to promote. 

Although JVZoo is quite similar to ClickBank, there is still a major difference. JVZoo pays more attention to their make money online niche and unlike ClickBank, they don’t have a wide option of affiliate products. 

However, to make up for that, they pay you your commission instantly. All you have to do is ensure you get to your threshold and you’ll earn up to a 100% commission. 

Their condition for instant payment is that you have to make up to 25 sales and keep your refunds to a minimum. 

One of such programs is the KeySearch affiliate program that gives you a one-month free trial. After which you subscribe to the program for $17 monthly. 


Another affiliate marketing program that pays instantly is PayKickstart. What PayKickstart is popular is because of its online sales funnel software. Features of this affiliate program include being able to increase your commissions with upsells, order bumps and cross-sells. The affiliate program also allows you to handle your global taxes automatically. 

As a merchant, you can enlist your software on PayKickstart and get affiliates to sell it for you. As an affiliate, you can get recurring commissions by participating in their software launches. 

Your commission rate is between 25% to 30% and you can receive payments instantly on PayPal. If you prefer Payoneer, you will get your payment monthly. 

Apart from their instant payments, one other benefit of the affiliate program is that you get recurring commissions for any lifetime client. 

Some of the affiliate programs on PayKickstart include CreateStudio and Doodly. 

  • CreateStudio is a software that teaches video animations to people without any experience with tech. 
  • Doodly, on the other hand, is a more advanced platform where people learn high-quality video creation.

PayKickstart and JVZoo are two affiliate programs that pay instantly.  In the next section, we will look at the affiliate programs that pay daily. 

Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily

Although these affiliate programs have quick payout systems, there are not as quick as instant payout affiliate programs. You’ll have to wait for some minutes or hours before you receive payment. 

CPA Lead

CPA Lead is another option if you’re in search of an affiliate program that pays affiliates daily. There is no minimum payout and the program has different payout options. 

If you want, you can also get your pay weekly via Payoneer. PayPal, wire transfers and direct deposit are mostly used for daily payments. 

Since CPA Lead promotes the use of pay per click, its features allow you to lock pages until a client completes an offer. 

You can also learn more by promoting high paying offers which you’ll find in the dashboard. 


This affiliate program is majorly for writers and SEO-minded affiliates. As an affiliate on this platform, you earn a 10% commission whenever you refer a client or sell a service. 

You can get paid daily whenever you sell, refer or finish any micro freelancing job. Yes, you can also earn by working. 

The more people you refer and products you sell, the lower your payout threshold account gets. So, if you have impressive sales records, you might get your payout threshold reduced to $5. 

You can withdraw when your commission gets to $5. And once you request a withdrawal, your payment is sent in the next couple of minutes. 

One thing you should note is that the minimum payment you can withdraw from Payoneer is $20. 

Affiliate Programs That Pay Weekly 

These affiliate programs are not like the instantly or daily affiliate payout programs. You have to wait for a minimum of 7 days before you can receive any payment.  

ClickBank Marketplace 

ClickBank is a popular affiliate network that you can use to see your products online. So, you can sign up on ClickBank as an affiliate or a merchant. 

There are different categories in ClickBank and in each of those, you’ll find programs that are willing to pay handsomely for you to promote their products. 

ClickBank pays its affiliates weekly through direct deposit. You can also choose the biweekly payment option via checks or Payoneer. 

One benefit of ClickBank is that before you sign up, it allows you to see the histories of these affiliate programs. 

The above are some of the affiliate programs that pay instantly, daily and weekly. As a bonus, we have outlined some other affiliate programs that pay biweekly. 

Affiliate Programs That Pay Instantly, Daily, Weekly

List Of Affiliate Programs That Pay Instantly, Daily, Weekly And BiWeekly

The following affiliate programs pay affiliates biweekly.


Unlike other affiliate programs, ClickMagick is both a product and an affiliate program. What this product does is that it allows you to track all the links that come from both your organic and paid traffic. 

So, rather than basing your ROI results on guesswork, you can use ClickMagick to get the exact details of what your keyword performance is. 

Some of the features of ClickMagick include the following. 

  • Filters robot traffic. 
  • Fine-tunes sales tunnels. 
  • Creates short URLs for your affiliate links. 

ClickMagick as an affiliate program does not pay daily or weekly, but biweekly after all the fees have been gathered. 

However, the recurring commission rate is 35% for each user you refer to the program and you get paid via PayPal. 


As an affiliate marketer, you might be familiar with the Shopify affiliate marketing program. This program makes it easy for you to create your e-commerce store where you can sell online. 

The Shopify program pays affiliates an average of $59 for every sale and if you are on the Shopify Plus plan, you get $2,000 for each sale. 

The minimum payout is $25, but you only receive payments twice a month, and that is every 14 days. 


Apart from the commission, there are other benefits you can get from being a SEMrush affiliate. SEMrush helps you with your SEO and provides you with high-ranking keywords. 

In essence, this affiliate program helps your affiliate site and contents rank. As an affiliate on SEMrush, you can expect to be paid commissions up to 50%. 

More referrals mean that you get more benefits such as customised landing pages and other keyword performance bonuses. 

The payment plan for this program is every 14 days and it is via Pay Pal. Also, you can only request a withdrawal if you have up to $50. 

Conclusion On The List Of Affiliate Programs That Pay Instantly, Daily, Weekly

Although there is still a list of other affiliate programs that pay instantly, daily, weekly, these are some of the most popular ones. 

So, carefully read through this curated list before you sign up for any of these affiliate programs. 




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