How To Set Up An Affiliate Program On Shopify (1)

How To Set Up An Affiliate Program On Shopify

As an affiliate marketer, you would make the most out of your affiliate business if you learn how to set up an affiliate program on Shopify

Primarily, the Shopify affiliate program helps you get the most out of your business by bringing in more clients and a wider audience that you can market to. 

In this article, we have outlined several steps that show you how to set up an affiliate program on Shopify. 

However, let’s look at affiliate marketing before we look at the various steps involved in setting up an affiliate program on Shopify.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Chances are that you are now familiar with the concept of affiliate marketing.

Otherwise, you can check here for a more detailed view.

However, a simple explanation of affiliate marketing is given below.

Affiliate marketing is simply an online business that enables you to earn commissions by selling a vendor’s product. 

These products could be digital or physical and unlike the traditional selling method, there are certain additions made. 

Affiliate marketing allows you to embed your affiliate links into any content that you post on your social media handles. As well as your blogs and website. 

Note that the life-blood of affiliate marketing is traffic because more traffic means more conversions and sales.

Likewise, all you need to do is to generate enough traffic that will visit your site and make purchases. 

In the next section, we will look at what the Shopify affiliate program is. 

How To Do Affiliate Marketing With Shopify Affiliate Program?

If you want to improve your e-commerce game, Shopify is the way to go.

All you need to do is to sign up for and set up an affiliate program on Shopify. 

As a Shopify affiliate marketer, Shopify helps you expand your brand awareness, visibility and sales through its e-commerce marketing features. 

It is easy to set up an online store on Shopify where all your traffic can be directed to.

There are certain benefits you get from setting up an affiliate program on Shopify and they include the following. 

Why Should I Set Up An Affiliate Program On Shopify?

Read on to find out the benefits you get when you set up an affiliate program on Shopify. 

  • Shopify provides you with a wider audience that you can market your goods to. 
  • Building an online store from scratch is easier with Shopify. 
  •  It is easier for you to track your progress and the number of sales you make. 
  • You can customise your online store in ways that would appear attractive to your clients. 

Now that you know the benefits of setting up an affiliate program on Shopify, how do you set up an affiliate program? 

How To Set Up An Affiliate Program On Shopify

The following steps are ways on how you can set up an affiliate program on Shopify. 

Know Your Niche

The first thing to do is to know your preferred niche and this includes choosing the right products that will sell week in the affiliate market. 

Your product should generate high commissions and revenue for you with every click that clients make.

You should sell hot products because these will increase your earnings as an affiliate. 

Also, you should choose affiliates who are familiar with the niche you have chosen.

You can provide them with necessary tips that’ll make customers purchase their products faster. Some of these tips include. 

  • Give discounts to first-time buyers. 
  • Offer them an opportunity to buy more, save more. 
  • Free shipping when clients purchase products worth above $50. 
How To Set Up An Affiliate Program On Shopify

Select Your Affiliate Price And Commission 

The second step on how to set up an affiliate program on Shopify is for you to decide on the affiliate price and commission you want. 

After you have selected your affiliate niche, you have to decide on how much commission you’d be paying your affiliates.

And as an e-commerce brand, you can pay them in two ways. 

  • The first is via commissions, where you’d pay them for each sale they make. 
  • The second way is to pay a flat-rate fee. Here, you have to teach an agreement with your affiliates on the fee. 

However, the preferred method of payment is via commission, where an affiliate can earn between 30% to 50% of every sale they make. 

Select A Shopify App

Shopify affiliate apps make it quite easy for you to set up an affiliate program on Shopify.

Just simply install any Shopify affiliate app of your choice and learn the rules. 

You can check our list of the 3 best Shopify affiliate apps

Find Affiliates From Your Preferred Niche

After you have downloaded your Shopify affiliate marketing app, you should recruit affiliates preferably from your niche. 

Affiliates from your niche have better knowledge of and experience with selling your affiliate products to clients.

There are several platforms from where you can recruit your affiliates and some of them have been described below.  

Social Media

Social media is an impressive platform that you can use to recruit affiliates for your Shopify affiliate program. Some social media platforms that you can optimise include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

You can also use online discussion forums like Quora and Reddit. 

However, before you can convince people to join your program, you have to give out the value and engaging content on your social media pages. 

The more information you put there, the better. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another easy way to recruit affiliates for your affiliate program.

You have to consider using this means if you already have an existing email list. 

When sending emails, be sure to tell your recipients about your Shopify affiliate marketing program.

don’t also fail to mention the benefits that they would get if they work with you. 

If you already have specific individuals in mind, send them emails as well and inform them of your interest in working with them. 


It is a proven point that people who visit your website already have interests in the affiliate products you promote. This makes them potential affiliates for your affiliate program. 

Insert links in strategic places that show all the benefits they get as members of your affiliate program.

Your website should be reliable and engaging enough to convince visitors to join your affiliate program. 

Before you recruit them, you should find out how much knowledge they have of affiliate marketing and your specific niche. 

Affiliate Sites 

You can get affiliates from different affiliate sites. Some of these sites include ShareASale, Shopify or Amazon.

These affiliate sites offer you an opportunity to meet a wide range of people.

These sites are important to small e-commerce businesses and affiliates just setting up their Shopify affiliate programs. 

To sum up, your affiliates should have an understanding of your preferred niche as that would help them perform in their best capacities. 

Meanwhile, if they don’t, introduce them to the niche and provide them with necessary details that’ll help them sell better.  

Manage Your Affiliate Program

Lastly, you need to put an eye on your Shopify affiliate program as well as the progress that your affiliates make.

Meanwhile, the factors you want to consider are leads, conversion rates and the sales that your affiliates make.

This wouldn’t be that difficult because Shopify affiliate marketing apps help you manage and monitor all the activities that go on in your Shopify affiliate program. 

So, ensure that you have a Shopify affiliate marketing app installed to make your tasks easier. 

Conclusion On How To Set Up An Affiliate Program On Shopify

Affiliate marketing would be easier now that you know how to set up an affiliate program on Shopify.

And just as we stated earlier, Shopify is beneficial when you learn how to optimise the platform.

Just ensure to follow the policies guiding the program so you don’t get into trouble with the management.

However, with the help of these simple steps outlined above, you can take your e-commerce game to the next level. 




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