MrBeast Burger Review

MrBeast Burger Review

Here is the review of the untold truth of MrBeast Burger.

It’s difficult not to get drawn in by the YouTube sensation of MrBeast’s viral videos. One of their major draws is MrBeast himself, A.K.A. Jimmy Donaldson, who is entertaining to watch.

According to Forbes, the 22-year-old entrepreneur is the second-highest paid YouTube personality in 2020. Currently, he should be the highest-paid on youtube due to his massive views per video.

But rather than counting his money (and he’s a master counter), Donaldson is known for giving it away. In fact, he has given away one million dollars on a single video.

He spends so much to create a single video, he recreated squid game (a popular Korean movie series) in real life and spent over 3.5 million dollars to archive it.

According to Business Insider, he has donated millions of dollars since beginning his YouTube channel in 2012.

Donaldson contributed more than $1 million in supplies to food banks in March 2020 alone when millions of people lost their employment.

It’s difficult not to like him!

He has his own bur

If you’re not up to date, this MrBeast Burger review will tell you everything. 

MrBeast Burger Review

MrBeast is a North Carolina native whose charity videos are known for his antics.

He gives away automobiles, cash, technology, and, most lately, food. 

In December, he opened 300 virtual kitchens, named MrBeast Burger, and as part of the marketing, he gave away food and cash to what appeared to be thousands of people. 

He also posted a video titled “I Opened A Restaurant That Pays You To Eat At It” to go along with it.

MrBeast, a YouTuber who envisioned a means to keep the food business prospering, opened his restaurant, MrBeast Burger, to keep local restaurants open during uncertain times.

MrBeast Burger, which arose from the 2020 pandemic, made a solid start by leveraging Jimmy Donaldson’s popular MrBeast YouTube channel to promote the new business.

This restaurant started with a promotion inviting diners to come in and eat for free after partnering with Virtual Dining Concepts.

Popular YouTube reviewers gave their opinions on the cuisine and service and further enhanced the online marketing effort. 

MrBeast Burger Review

The Untold Truth of MrBeast Burger’s Review 

The brand operates out of existing restaurants to supplement the income of those establishments.

although hundreds of businesses remained open during the lockdown’s slow months, the brand made major success in less than a year.

All MrBeast Burger restaurants are solely available for delivery only, which makes it a perfect drive-through place for burgers and fries. 

MrBeast Burger uses a variety of third-party delivery platforms to bring food to consumers, which means the restaurant may have less control over quality when it comes to delivery.

But, despite some quality problems, using various services makes the meal more accessible.

And in response to the criticisms about the quality of MrBeast Burger, Donaldson himself states that his team is not flawless. 

He goes on to say that many people are satisfied with their service, but he refunds the money of others who aren’t. 

1. MrBeast Burger Acts of Service 

Virtual Dining Concept is the firm that MrBeast Burger gets his inspiration for a virtual kitchen. 

The company focuses on bridging the gap between established restaurant kitchens and new virtual restaurant concepts.

This means that a fully operational restaurant kitchen can prepare meals for a different brand while still running its own business.

2. MrBeast Burger Lack of a Physical Location

This eatery does not have a physical location where people can sit and eat.

Their burger location is about 169 city listings in 2020.

nd according to Donaldson’s Twitter, the brand has already “opened 300 outlets countrywide.”

This is because MrBeast Burger is a delivery-only business with no physical addresses on the website.

3. Giving of Gifts During Their Introduction 

MrBeast Burger also gave away wads of cash as well as free burgers to “customers”.

They do this through their drive-through window in Wilson, NC. 

The line of cars outside the temporary brick-and-mortar location that day was too long.

It was long enough for the authorities to close the restaurant because of traffic congestion.

4. MrBeast Burger’s Debut Topped the Charts

The viral video “I Opened A Restaurant That Pays You To Eat At It,” became a trending YouTube video. 

In the video, MrBeast and his buddies announced the start of the MrBeast Burger franchise by operating a temporary facility for a day.

Donaldson and his buddies spent months researching and analyzing what makes a video go viral. After which they incorporated what they discovered into their channel.

MrBeast Burger Review

5. Menu Items at MrBeast Burger are Simple Enough

These burgers are short and have a large circle, similar to the Smashburger restaurant chain.

They look like hockey pucks when you flip them onto a hot grill, allowing the meat to spread out. 

With more contact with the grill, it results in greater caramelization and crispy edges, as well as smaller patties.

It’s a notion that makes others successful, and MrBeast is riding the wave of its success.

Even if these burgers lack bulk and solidity, you can always add a third party for an extra $2 if you truly want height.

When it comes to fries, MrBeast Burger prefers traditional crinkle-cut fries.

These are usually seasoned with fiery red pepper, garlic, paprika, lime, sugar, and salt.

Straight fries leave a lot of nooks and crannies unexplored. The Beast fries, on the other hand, are un-crinkle fries with some rough edges for texture.

There is already so much going on with the fries that you don’t need all the crinkling to pick up flavours.

Caramelized onions, cheddar, ketchup, mayo, and pickles are among the ingredients in this dish.

6. The MrBeast Burger Menu Has a Lot of Favourites

The MrBeast menu is modest in comparison to most fast-food chains.

This is because the three sandwiches bear the names of the store’s staff members.

There’s a Beast Style ($6.99), a Chandler Style ($6.99), and a Chris Style ($7.99) burger to choose from.

Two seasoned mashed beef patties, a piece of American cheese, pickles, sliced white onion, mayo, ketchup, and brown mustard on a loaf of soft bread. 

And for an additional $2, you can upgrade to a triple patty burger.

You may top those loaded fries with chopped beef or bacon and you can also get them seasoned or unseasoned.

The only beverages available are Pepsi and bottled water. And a chocolate chip cookie pegged at ($2.49) for dessert.

Frequently Asked Question About MrBeast Burger

The following are some of the frequently asked questions that people have about MrBeast Burger.

Is MrBeast Burger Free?

No, MrBeast Burger is not free. But this doesn’t mean that Jimmy still doesn’t give donations and gifts to people who need them. However, if you want a MrBeast Burger, you’d have to pay to get it.

Is MrBeast Burger Good?

Yes, MrBeast Burger is good.
A MrBeast Burger enthusiast records that MrBeast Burger has the best meat dishes that they have ever tasted.
The enthusiast also goes on to explain that the buns complement the taste of the burger to perfection.

Who Cooks MrBeast Burger?

Although he joins forces with Virtual Dining Concepts to create MrBeast Burger, Jimmy Donaldson cooks the burger.

Where Is MrBeast Burger Made?

Jimmy teams up with restaurants where he makes these burgers. However, you will find three MrBeast joints at Lemoore, Fresno, and Clovis.


In essence, the truth about MrBeast Burger Review that you are in search of is that he is a philanthropist.

Hardly before you’d see anyone who contributed majorly to the world’s food bank. And not only that, but he also runs an almost free drive-thru entry for burgers and fries. 

So, his delivery, purpose, and general functionality are making waves in today’s world. And we attribute this to why he’s such a big shot on YouTube. 


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