Small Business Ideas for University students.

Small Business Ideas for University students.

Are you a University student who is in need of a small business idea to start up in school? If yes, then you will find this article on small business ideas for University students very useful.

Indeed, the fact that you are a University student in any serious University is in itself an awesome feat.

However, developing a small business idea as a University student gives you experience in the entrepreneur world.

It expands your horizons beyond academics and prepares you for survival in any type of economy after school.

Besides, the best time to start a small business is while you are still in school. This is because the University environment provides you with a wide range of opportunities that you can easily maximize.

Being able to leverage these opportunities to build a career path for yourself is a great feat. In doing so, you could also learn how to apply what you are taught in school in real-life situations.

Moreover, having good multiple streams of income should be every student’s desire. This will enable you to avoid being out of cash unnecessarily.

And most importantly you will be able to save and invest for your future.

This article will take you through twelve interesting small business ideas suitable for University students.

Hence, you can’t afford not to read this article to the end.

What Are The Small Business Ideas for University students?

Below are 12 small business ideas that you can start up as a University student.

1. Become a Freelance copywriter.

Copywriting is a well paid digital writing skill you could develop as an undergraduate. It involves closing deals through writing. Majorly deals with writing a sales copy to advertise or persuade people to purchase a given item.

You can easily build a business out of copywriting, by writing different types of copies for different companies and organizations.

Also, you could form an online class and teach people how to become influential copywriters.

This can be effective, only when you have been able to build your brand and become an authority in copywriting.

2. Make-up Artist.

Nowadays Make-up has become a professional outlet and can be considered as a small business idea for University students.

If you have the skill or passion for beautification, then becoming a Make-up artist could be your calling.

Although you will require a reasonable amount of capital to purchase your Make-up kit and other materials.

However, you can get your capital back when your business starts to flourish. And if you are good at what you do it will most certainly flourish.

Right there in the four walls of the university, there are different occasions that call for professional Make-ups. We have birthdays, graduation ceremonies, weddings, and many other student parties.

Building your brand as a Make-up artist at University is highly advisable as it will help expand your network.

Furthermore, this small business idea is also a great one you could carry on with after school.

3. Catering Services.

You would agree with me that good food is one of the primary needs of University students. This is because their brains require adequate nutrients to function properly.

But statistics have shown that the majority of university students do not have time to prepare quality foods. So you see them feeding on junks or better still patronizing the cafeterias around the school.

Now if you have great cooking and time management skills, then you can leverage this opportunity.

Render catering services to your fellow coursemates, lecturers and friends for some cool cash.

And most importantly you won’t lack food to eat too. This business can go a long way in seeing you through school and even after school.

Always ensure you prepare sweet delicacies you know people normally patronize in your area. Your packaging too matters a lot as it adds to your selling potential.

4. Perfume Seller. 

Indeed, smelling nice is good business. Nobody likes to reek of bad odour, this also applies to students and lecturers.

Retailing good fragrances in the University is a good small business idea that wouldn’t take much time.

All you need is a little capital to start up. Then make yourself known as a perfume seller in the school environment and watch your orders roll in.

Learn to buy and resell nice oil perfumes and body sprays in the school hostels and lecture rooms. 

Also, take your market online, you could also get customers from there.

Keep your customers happy, you could start up with a discount just to grow your customer base.

5. Become an SEO content creator

If you are an intelligent university student with a great passion for writing, then you could do well as a content creator.

You can write amazing content for different websites and blogs and get paid for it.

If you know your onions well, you can invariably get well-paid writing jobs from Fiverr and Upwork.

6. Dispatch rider.

Becoming a dispatch rider is another small business idea you could develop as a student in the university.

If you have a car, bike or even a bicycle, you could run a delivery service within and outside school.

This service can fetch you some money for your upkeep in school.

7. Artist.

Are you a student that is very talented in drawing? Then you can make different drawing portraits and sell them in school.

You can also make a profit from selling your artwork online.

8. Babysitting

As a student, you can offer babysitting services to parents in need of it.

This service does not require huge capital to start up. You only need to look for people in need of such services and be available when needed.


9. Fashion Designer/Cloth seller.

If you have a passion for sewing clothes, then being a fashion designer in school could be worth it.

Turn what you love doing into what you can make a profit from.

In your spare time, you can design and sew clothes for your fellow students and your lecturers.

This will be feasible if you already have your sewing equipment. But if you don’t then you have to save up to buy one. Or if you have access to a friend’s own then you are good to go.

Nonetheless, you could also be a cloth seller. Buy quality clothes and resell to friends, students, lecturers and other people in the school community.

Furthermore, you can design already made materials, customize and sell them.


10. Fitness Instructor.

If you are a fitness enthusiast then you can run a fitness group in school. Where members who want to keep fit, pay a stipulated fee.

You can build a healthy community of fit individuals right there in the University.

Moreover, you can sell gym clothing and other fitness materials to the community you have built.

Take your business online and invite new members to join your team. Most students love to belong in such communities that help them work out while having fun.

11. Repair phones and computers.

This business idea will yield good profit in the university environment if you are very skilled in it.

So don’t relent.

As a University student, you could learn how to repair phones and computers and put them to good use.

12. Teach Tutorials

Teach and mentor your fellow students on courses they find difficult. 

Create a more relaxed and interactive environment that enables them to learn and in so doing make cool money. You can pull this off if you are really sound academically and have been able to master the difficult subjects.

Conclusion On Small Business Ideas for University students.

Certain great companies we hear of today were established by students in their university days.

As a university student, I believe you can do more than study, the time to build that career is now.

Start up that business idea today no matter how small and you will be glad you did.

Hope you find this article on small business ideas for University students worthwhile?

Hit the comment section below let’s hear your thoughts.



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