25 Sports Affiliate Programs

25 Sports Affiliate Programs

 Are interested in sport as an affiliate marketer, if yes then you will find these 25 sports affiliate programs beneficial.

Apart from these 25 Sports Affiliate Programs, the sports industry grows bigger every year. So much so that we speculate it to get to $599.9 billion by the year 2025. 

People have more orientation about health and wellness and this improves the state of nutrition and supplementary foods.

And this in a way, positively affects the sports niche. 

Due to this growth, the sports niche is one of the best affiliate marketing programs that pay you cool commission rates.

With the increasing rate of sponsors and access to the internet, there are limitless opportunities in sports.

And in other words, the commissions would keep coming in if you decide to be a sports affiliate. 

Another good news for you as a sports affiliate is that you have more opportunities to sell more because of the influence the sports industry wields. 

You can promote sports affiliate programs like Nike, Adidas or Aaptiv. 

So, without much talk, let’s take a look at the 25 sports affiliate programs we have lined up. 

25 Sports Affiliate Programs

1. Adidas Sports Affiliate Program 

The first amongst the 25 sports affiliate programs we have on our list is Adidas. And this is not only because Adidas is one of the world’s most popular sports brands. 

Adidas has a wide range of athletic leisure attire that are quite popular and comfortable enough for athletes. And an affiliate, Adidas has some pretty cool features you can use to sell to your customers. 

Firstly, Adidas reviews your application within 48 hours of submitting the form. After you verify as an Adidas affiliate, you earn 7% commissions for every sale you make.

You also get cookies that last for 30 days and the coupons you’ll use to promote Adidas products. 

Lastly, you’ll receive payment through Impact Radius on the 20th of every month.

Note that you are not to, however, use any trademarks belonging to Adidas in paid search ads. 

2. Fanatics

How this sports affiliate program makes most of its money is by using your attachment to your favourite sports club. 

People are very passionate about sports, layers, teams, as well as equipment and Fanatics cashes out from that. 

As a Fanatic affiliate, you get 10% commissions for every sale you make and a 7-day cookie duration. Likewise, you get a 30-day lock period for all your affiliate actions and payments every 30 days as well. 

However, you have the option to receive daily payments when you prove yourself as an expert affiliate. 

Although you need a website before you start as a Fanatic affiliate, you receive access to technology that helps you track your progress.

3. Nike Sports Affiliate Program 

As well as Adidas, Nike is another famous sports brand that offers affiliates mouth-watering offers. As a Nike affiliate, you get to promote different sports clothing, footwear and equipment. 

You are also privy to the Nike toolkit that informs you of new launches and promotions. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Affiliates receive a 4% commission for all Nike loyalty, vouchers, cashback and social media influencing. You have a 7day cookie duration if you fall in this group. 

The second group of affiliates earn 7% in commissions and a 3oday cookie duration. You’ll also get further information when you receive a letter of approval. 

You receive payments twice every month and the types of promotions allowed are loyalty, media brokers, discount codes, cashback, amongst others. 

4. American Golf

Golf is one of the most famous sports in the world and American Golf is the world’s largest affiliate program for golf retailers. 

American Golf provides you with opportunities to sell equipment and apparel to lovers of sports in different parts of the world. 

What you get as an affiliate include a 6% commission for each sale you make, 30day cookie duration and the latest deals and products to promote your affiliate program with. 

5. Under Armour Sports Affiliate Program 

This sports affiliate program deals in footwear, casual clothing and all kinds of sports apparel. Under Armour is also the world’s second-largest athletic brand after Nike. 

You receive a 5% commission every month for any successful sale you make and a 30-day cookie period. You also get software that’ll help you to easily track your earnings, sales as well as performance. 

Similar to Nike, accepted promotions are coupon codes, content, community and cashback. Emails, searches and media brokers on the other hand are not accepted. 

6. GoPro

Skydiving, mountain climbing and paragliding are still sports, right? As one of the 25 sports affiliate programs, GoPro develops mobile apps, action cameras and video editing software that your customers can use to get the best videos from their experiences. 

All you need to do as an affiliate is promote these items and your benefits include the following. 

A 5% commission for any sale you make

Payments every 1st and 15th with a minimum of $25 threshold 

You get access to tracking devices for your sales and progress 

Application review within 24 hours 

However, you’re not allowed to use their trademark or do any form of direct linking on any search engine. 

7. Dick’s Sporting Goods as one of the 25 Sports Affiliate Programs

As one of the frontiers of sportswear, Dick’s Sporting goods has footwear, sports equipment and a host of other sports accessories for sale. 

To be an affiliate, however, you must reside in the United States as they require an in-house affiliate team that’ll sort the issues of customers. 

You’ll need to sign up through the Impact Radius affiliate program as that facilitates your earnings, clicks and impressions. 

Lastly, you earn 5% of every sale, 14-day cookie duration and monthly payments for accrued sales. 

25 Sports Affiliate Programs

8. New Balance as one of the 25 Sports Affiliate Programs

New Balance is valued at $4 billion and has operational quarters in over 120 countries and is a leading producer of footwear and sports apparel. 

This sports brand offers affiliates the opportunity to efficiently promote sports and lifestyle offers. As an affiliate, you sign up via the Rakuten Linkshare program.

Although you can be an affiliate from any part of the world, you’d only attend to US citizens because the company only delivers goods to the United States. 

You also receive uninterrupted access to banners and text links, as well as other factors that will make marketing easier for you. 

Lastly, you receive monthly payments of 2% commission for every sale you make and a cookie duration of 30 days. 

9. Aaptiv Sports as one of the 25 Sports Affiliate Programs

Of the 25 sports affiliate programs, Aaptiv Sport is one of the favourites for runners. Be it old-school or on a treadmill, if running is a sport you prefer, Aaptiv is also for you. 

This sports app is known for its energetic music playlists and an inspiring combination of workouts. As an affiliate, you earn $30 for any customer you sign into the program. 

10. American Council on Exercise (ACE)

This sports program is on a whole different level. ACE is highly respected and all their qualifications are recognised by people around the world. 

ACE is a training organisation that has a wealth of health coaches, personal trainers and specialists. These people are valued by gum employers as they help you achieve your health goals. 

As an affiliate, you earn an 8% commission when you sell any of their training certifications to your clients. 

11. Athleta Apparel as one of the 25 Spirts Affiliate Programs

25 Sports Affiliate Programs

As an Athleta affiliate, you earn 1% to 4% of commissions from selling stylish athleisure wear like leggings, swimwear and crop tops. 

You can also offer your clients free shipping whenever they buy products over $50. Their EPC rate is also impressive, as it is pegged at $45 for 100 clicks. 

12. Beachbody Sports as one of the 25 Sports Affiliate Programs

Beachbody offers you a 15% commission on all their programs. Or you can opt to pay a $10 fee for signing up on their on-demand service. 

You can earn from this as an affiliate because you would be privy to it when new wear are made available. Beachbody runs an extensive sports affiliate program and some of their classes include Insanity, Piyo and P90X. 

13. Fitbit

This sports affiliate program is one brand that has changed the fitness tracking industry. Fitbit has sleek and stylish tracking wristbands that are a good fit for athletes, personal trainers and fitness bloggers. 

These wristbands are easy to use and you earn 3% for every one you sell. Your cookie duration is for 15 days and although the commission rate is a bit on the low side, they know how to convert traffic. 

14. Garmin

At 5% higher, Garmin offers you an 8% commission to sell their fitness watches to customers. As an affiliate, you also get an impressive EPC rate if you decide to work with them. 

15. GNC Program

GNC accepts health bloggers and affiliates from different parts of the world because the program is one of the world’s leading fitness supplement affiliate programs. 

You earn a 5% commission whenever you make a sale and their EPC which is $57 is impressive as well. Subsequently, you don’t have to worry about conversions and sales, because this sports program is known to easily convert their cold audience to buyers. 

16. International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)

You can easily qualify as a personal trainer because of the courses that ISSA runs. You earn $50 for every sale you make to a client who has an interest in a fitness career. 

One other bonus of being an affiliate for the ISSA is that you also receive $10 for any new lead, whether or not they end up buying your products. 

Lastly, ISSA has an EPC of $170 for every 100 clicks and this amount is more than that of some sports affiliate programs on this list. 

17. Johnson Health Tech

This sports affiliate program makes waves for itself as one of the best brands that have excellent gym equipment. Their sports packages also help you earn commissions as high as 8% as an affiliate. 

Johnson Health Tech sports affiliate program has quality products and equipment that you can use to win your clients over. Lastly, their budgets are pocket-friendly and differ between price ranges. 

18. Lorna Jane

An Australian sports brand, Lorna Jane has over 200 stores spread out across the world. Their products range from activewear for gym, tennis, running, travels as well as yoga. 

So, they pretty much have everything you need for the best sports experience. As an affiliate, you earn a 5% commission in sales and through their ambassador programs for fitness professionals, you get other rewards and benefits.  

19. Lululemon Sports as one of the 25 Sports Affiliate Programs

This sports affiliate program deals solely with yoga wear. Their leggings, crop tops, tee shirts and sports bras are all made of high quality. And you get 7% for each sale when you sign up as an affiliate. 

20. Tough Mudder

This affiliate program pays you 10% commissions when you sign up anyone on their list. Due to challenges from different competitors, Tough Mudder has become quite popular.

And gyms, fitness bloggers and affiliates earn commissions when they bring new trainers onto the program. 

21. Patagonia

This brand is well-known for manufacturing wears for the more complicated sports and exercises. 

Athletes who are into climbing, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, fly fishing and trail running can get their wear from this brand. 

Your commission rate as an affiliate is 8% and your cookie lasts for 90 days. Isn’t that impressive? 

So, if you have an audience with an interest in any of these exercises, you would earn profitably because Patagonia is the real deal. 

22. TRX Program

You are eligible to promote the TRX sports affiliate program if you are either a personal trainer or a fitness blogger. Even if you’re none of them, you can still promote their programs if you have an audience that shows interest in that regard. 

You earn 8% commissions creating videos that promote simple TRX exercises that your audience can perform anywhere. 

Another bonus is that their EPC is pegged at #100 per click. 

23. Puma as one of the 25 Sports Affiliate Programs

With commission rates between 6% to 8%, Puma is one of the pioneers of the world’s sports brands. 

This brand develops, designs and sells footwear, sports apparel and accessories. And as an affiliate, your cookie only lasts for 14 days. 

Sports Affiliate Programs UK

24. Argos Fitness as one of the 25 Sports Affiliate Programs

As a UK-based sports affiliate program, Argos has excellent fitness programs and equipment. Although the commission rate is 2%, Argos boasts of a high conversion rate of browsers into buyers. 

So, you don’t have to worry about not making enough sales, as there is always a surplus of clients who end up buying several items from their website. 

In addition, you also get mouthwatering budgets for midrange products so that uou can make up in volume, what you lose in value.

25. Debenhams UK

This is another UK-based brand and it retails men’s, women’s and children’s sportswear. Debenhams UK is also famous for its sale of home and beauty wear. 

You earn 5% for each sale as an affiliate and your cookie duration is for 30 days. 

Any Other Sports Affiliate Programs? 

Other sports affiliate programs’ products you can market as an affiliate marketer. 

1. MyProtein

Offers you 8% to promote their supplement that is excellent for athletes and customers with an interest in staying fit.  


The National Academy of Sports Medicine is a personal trainer affiliate program that pays you 25% for every fitness trainer you refer. 

3. Yoga International

This affiliate program dedicated its service to mindful loving, yoga and meditation, and pays you 8% for every digital membership. You also earn 5% whenever you sell any of their courses. 

4. Meredith Health and Fitness Magazine

You earn a whopping 45% in commissions whenever your client signs up and reads any of their articles on shape, fitness, health and healthy living. 

5. Kitbag UK

This UK-based sports affiliate program runs an online football store and provides you with new football wears, shoes and training gear.

Apart from that, you also get the latest information concerning the football federation. You earn 5% for every sale and your cookie lasts for 7 days. 

So, these are some of the sports affiliate programs that you can sign up to earn beautifully as an affiliate. 

Before we conclude, however, let’s look at why you should promote sports affiliate programs. 

Why Should I Promote These 25 Sports Affiliate Programs?

1. Target Audience 

Sports affiliate programs have a target audience for all their products. Some of these affiliate programs offer services in yoga, football, basketball and swimming. 

So, your duty as an affiliate is to just find athletes in their areas and market your products to them. 

2. Low Startup Capital 

Being an affiliate for sports affiliate programs does not require large startup capital. All you need to do is sign up for any of your preferred programs for as little as $10. 

Following your acceptance as an affiliate, they provide you with most of the tools you’d need to sell to your audience. 

3. Return of Investment 

You earn big as a sports program affiliate, you also get some other benefits that you wouldn’t ordinarily get as a buying customer. 

Your commission rates would be between 5% to 45% for every product you sell. 

Summarily, these are some of the reasons you should promote sports affiliate programs. 

Conclusion on the 25 Sports Affiliate Programs

Who says you can’t earn commissions through these 25 sports affiliate programs?

Sports affiliate niche is one of the best paying niches in affiliate marketing because of how popular sports and healthy living are. 

These sport affiliate programs spread their services to include equipment, travel gear, nutrition, certifications, sportswear and a whole lot more. 

And because of the interest that people show in this niche, affiliates earn more. However, you have to remember that some of these programs have restrictions and guidelines. 

And to enjoy their services and benefits, you’d have to stick with those rules.

Subsequently, you’ll take in the cool cash when you finally get the hang of how sports affiliate programs operate. 




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