Best Beauty Affiliate Programs

Best Beauty Affiliate Programs

The best beauty affiliate programs exist because people always want to look good. After all, looking good is a serious business.

It’s simple to see why beauty affiliate marketing is such a popular area among website owners and publishers.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a woman who does not enjoy applying cosmetics or caring for her hair and skin.

The male gender, in addition to females, are becoming more engaged in the beauty industry these days.

They also groom themselves with various skincare products, hair gel, perfumes, and other cosmetics.

Beauty goods were valued at $46.2 billion in 2015.

And this figure got to $51.8 billion in 2020.

Within the next five years, we expect the beauty sector to be worth $800 billion.

Subsequently, we will look at the best beauty affiliate programs.

But first, let’s look at the reasons why you should promote them. 

Benefits of Promoting The Best Beauty Affiliate Programs 

  • One benefit you get from promoting the best beauty affiliate programs is that you join a brand with a strong market influence. 
  • You won’t have to worry about getting customers because these best beauty affiliate programs have a strong customer reputation.
  • Lastly, you won’t be alone in marketing them because they also have a strong online and offline presence.

Now that you know these benefits, what then are the best beauty affiliate programs? 

Best Beauty Affiliate Programs

There are different affiliate programs for beauty which includes:

  1. Sephora Beauty Affiliate Program 
  2. Ulta Cosmetics Beauty Affiliate Program 
  3. Yves Rocher Beauty Affiliate Program 
  4. Mica Cosmetics Beauty Affiliate Program 
  5. No7 Cosmetics Beauty Affiliate Program 

1. Sephora 

This is one of the most well-known affiliate programs in the beauty industry. And as an affiliate, you earn a 5% reward on all the referrals you make.

Sephora has more than 2,600 locations in 36 countries and has also been in operation since the 1970s.

However, this beauty affiliate program has only been able to achieve its current status as a brand because it offers a diverse selection of items from other brands. 

Sephora specializes in curating high-quality cosmetics, skincare, and hair care goods and accessories.

Their hair products also include those for natural hair, so if you have kinky natural hair, Sephora is where you should be. 

This brand also offers you all-expense-paid shipping whenever you make an order.

You also get two free samples of products when you place an order. 

You should note that the one thing that sets this band apart is its decision to use only natural chemicals for all its products.

Subsequently, your customers begin to unwind when they realise that the right measures are put in place for their skincare products.

Why Should You Promote Sephora?

  • Sephora has been in the beauty market for a long time
  • It only offers you carefully selected items in their field that you can easily sell off to your customers 
  • 14% affiliate commission on each sale you make 
  • You get a cookie lifespan of 30 days
  • Your payment options include cheques, direct deposits and PayPal. 

2. Ulta Beauty Affiliate Program 

This beauty affiliate program is a beauty product retailer based in the United States that sells skincare and cosmetics from over 500 well-known brands.

Ulta Beauty has over 1,196 locations across the country where you can get all of your essential and premium cosmetic products.

Impact Radius is in charge of the company’s affiliate program. And once you sign up, you take advantage of the company’s commission per sale as well as various special offers.

In comparison to other beauty affiliate programs, its commission is rather minimal.

However, because the brand is well-known, you can still make a lot of money from their ever-growing customer base. 

What Are the Advantages of Becoming an Ulta Beauty Affiliate?

  • Ulta is your best online destination for all things beauty
  • It has physical outlets all over the world.
  • Your affiliate commissions range from 2% to 5% on each sale.
  • Your cookie lifespan lasts for 30 days

3. Yves Rocher

This is a French beauty empire that focuses solely on botanical beauty. Yves Rocher has a huge selection of products, including a wide range of cosmetics, skincare body care, hair care, and fragrances.

These products address a variety of beauty concerns fit for everyone.

Yves Rocher products are made with respect for the environment and with a budget-friendly mentality.

Moreover, the brand has built a loyal global following thanks to its decades of success.

Lastly, as a Yves Rocher affiliate, you get a 15% commission, as its products are suitable for all skin types. 

What Are the Benefits of Promoting Yves Rocher Beauty Affiliate Program?

  • You don’t have to worry about the cost of Yves Rocher products as they are affordable 
  • You get to earn more from being an affiliate because Yves Rocher is a popular brand 
  • The brand also provides impressive traffic that’ll help you sell off your products easily
  • Your cookie lasts for 30 days 
  • You receive payments via cheques, bank transfers, and Payoneer 
Best Beauty Affiliate Programs

4. Mica Beauty

Mica Beauty goes out of its way to produce all-natural cosmetics that is of a high professional grade. The brand has been on this project since 2011 and has just completed it.

Mica Beauty is currently a global leader in the beauty sector, distributing its incredible products to customers all over the world.

This beauty brand is a mineral makeup brand that uses all-natural powders consisting of pure mica and other minerals.

The results of these products are excellent looks that’ll get heads turning. The products components work in line with your skin’s natural oil to offer complete coverage.

The brand’s makeup also contains a lot of antioxidants, which are excellent for your skin.

This goes without saying that Mica Beauty has an outstanding affiliate program as the brand pays you an 18% commission.

You also receive a reduced percentage of other affiliates’ commissions if you refer to them.

And this would continue for three levels.

What are the Benefits of Promoting Mica Beauty Cosmetics?

  • The brand provides high-quality makeup that consists of all-natural materials, which is difficult to come by
  • It also has lifetime cookie tracking, which is both uncommon and impressive.
  • You get a recurring cookie as an affiliate 
  • Your affiliate commission is 22%

5. No7 Beauty

This is one of the most well-known cosmetics brands in the world as it has been active since 1935.

No7 Beauty always comes up with new ideas and its products are just as popular today as they were then.

One proof of its excellent choices is its line of anti-ageing serums.

You can convince your customers with No7’s oils, moisturizers, eye creams, cleansers, toners, and face masks.

And, yes, this brand offers products for any skin problem or condition.

From oily skin to puffy eyes to clogged pores, there’s something for everyone.

You also benefit from their brand recognition when it promotes your affiliate content.

Although Awin manages the No7 affiliate program, it doesn’t stop you from enjoying all its benefits.

However, you’ll need an Awin account to operate fully.

Note that you’ll pay the sum of a $5 refundable deposit if you don’t already have an account.

Asides from that, you earn up to 8% on all new purchases with an average order value of $45.

What are Some of the Other Advantages of Becoming a No7 Beauty Affiliate?

You get the following benefits when you join the program

  • Promotional perks, such as buy one, get one free deal
  • Coupon codes for Internet use
  • Free shipping
  • Purchase gifts 
  • 8% commissions on all sales 
  • 30-day cookie duration 

Conclusion on the Best Beauty Affiliate Programs

Those are some of the best beauty affiliate programs available.

Although they each have their advantages and disadvantages, they’ve all been scrutinized and will help you optimize your earning potential. 

So, here’s to earning commissions while helping people look beautiful. 



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