Amazon Affiliate Marketing Reviews

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Reviews

As an affiliate marketer, you ought to know that the concept of affiliate marketing reviews started with Amazon. Launched in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, it served first as an online bookstore before it became Amazon affiliate marketing.

Currently, Amazon is one of the world’s largest affiliate platforms and it transports over a million different products to different parts of the world. Amazon makes billions in their yearly sales and their products range between technological gadgets and day-to-day household objects.

Amazon also offers digital services like web development and graphic design. Although Amazon doesn’t have a stronghold in the healthcare and pharmaceutical niches, plans are being made to delve into those markets.

Amazon has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington but that does not limit it to partnering with different affiliates from all over the world. With over 150 million affiliates worldwide, Amazon is a big name when it comes to affiliate marketing.

In this article, we have analysed Amazon Affiliate Marketing reviews, and with objectivity, we will outline the pros and cons of Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

What Are The Benefits of Amazon Affiliate Marketing Reviews?

Let us first look at the benefits of Amazon Affiliate Marketing. The Amazon Affiliate Marketing program allows you to earn commissions whenever you refer people through your social media handles or your website.

Some of the benefits of the Amazon Affiliate Marketing programs have been mentioned below.

1. Easy Sign-Up Process

Even as a new affiliate with little or no traffic, you can still get accepted as an Amazon affiliate. Amazon has an easy sign-up process and fast approval. All you need to do to stay on as an Amazon affiliate is to sell at least once every 90 days, which is quite achievable.

2. Reliable and Credible Platform

Amazon has been in the market since 1994 and as such, it has generated a lot of loyal customers who over the years have made Amazon their purchase point. As an affiliate, partnering with Amazon will not be that difficult because you’d make sales easily if you optimise the fame the company’s name has made through the years.

3. Option Of Preferred Niche

Amazon is a vast platform that sells varieties of products and services across various sectors. So, one benefit of Amazon is that there is no limit to the number of niches you can work with.

4. Other Amazon Bonuses

You can sell Amazon services and products like Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited, and a lot of other services, earning you more commissions.
The above are some of the benefits of Amazon affiliate marketing that keeps reeling in affiliates like yourself.

Amazon reviews

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Reviews

For Amazon affiliate marketing reviews, we would be looking at the following areas: terms of service, ease of use, commission rates, Amazon support, cloaking of links, cookie window and suspension of accounts.

1. Terms of Service

There have been some complaints made about Amazon terms of service. So much so that even affiliates with professional levels of S.E.O have encountered one of two problems. Although Amazon wants you to market its products, there are certain rules and regulations that you’d need to work by. To do that, you’d need to know all their rules. Some of their terms of service have been identified below.
As an Amazon affiliate marketer, you are not expected to do the following:

  • Post adult or profane content: all your content must be suitable for people of all ages.
  • Add the price of products: prices are subject to change and you posting the price of your affiliate products is unacceptable.
  • Send emails that have Amazon links in them: all the links embedded in your emails should lead directly to your articles.
  • Talk about Amazon reviews.
  • Post inadequate or unrelated content: your content needs to be engaging and should relate to the product that you’re marketing. Your content should also carry the necessary information required for your audience to make purchases.
  • Use your affiliate links whenever you want to make a purchase.

Although they are other violations that Amazon frowns on, these are some of the primary ones.

2. Ease of Use

This is the second review we will be looking at. Amazon Affiliate Marketing Reviews would not be complete if we don’t look at their ease of use. Usually, several new affiliates look forward to joining the Amazon affiliate program, but it won’t be feasible if the Amazon platform is difficult to use.

Fortunately, there have been no complaints about the usage of Amazon. Affiliates say that the platform is really easy to use and it provides them with links to their different affiliate products.

To get links for your affiliate products, all you need to do is to enter the search on your SiteStripe. Your SiteStripe is the bar at the top of your homepage.

3. Commission Rates

There are several ways through which Amazon pays its affiliates commissions. Their rates could be anywhere between 1% – 10% and there’s a reason why Amazon rates are low.

Amazon is the biggest affiliate marketing platform and what that means is that different affiliates sign up for the program. Their rates have been reported to be low because Amazon wants to ensure that all their affiliates get paid for any sales they make.

As an Amazon affiliate marketer, your commission depends on the niche you operate in and the kind of products you sell. You can earn 10% of every sale if you promote their luxury beauty items. But the commission for any other niche falls between 1% – 5%.

4. Amazon Support System

The Amazon affiliate marketing review done on their support system shows that Amazon offers nice support to their affiliates.

Although their support staff are not entirely helpful, they are nice. This is because the policies set by Amazon are not so clear-cut and sometimes, even their staff ends up confused. This is why you might get contradictory information and details whenever you call to resolve an issue with your account.

However, Amazon could do better with clearing up the air and making its policies precise and straightforward.

5. Cloaking Of Links

Cloaked links look neater and better than the usual links and they somehow make it easier to share affiliate links. However, Amazon does not allow affiliates to cloak links and recommend that you post their links just as they are. While that might be frustrating and may put a dent in your style, you just have to adhere to their rules.

6. Cookie Window

Amazon only gives a cookie window of 24 hours and you’ll be lucky to have commissions if the client makes purchases that same day. Another way that you could get a commission is if the clients add their items to a cart and come back at a later date to buy them.

Without any of these happening, a 24-hour cookie window entails that you do not get any commissions if a client only reads your reviews and does not make a purchase.
One benefit of this is that you get the commission for every item that a client buys in that 24-hour window.

7. Suspension Of Accounts

Although several affiliate programs can suspend your account if you go against their rules, it is more common with Amazon.

Amazon can suspend your account at any time, especially when you disrespect any of its policies. This might not be your fault because Amazon policies are not clear-cut.

However, to avoid such issues, you can create a backup plan by signing up on different affiliate marketing programs with enough competition as Amazon.

Conclusion On Amazon Affiliate Marketing Reviews

This Amazon affiliate marketing review has been written objectively and points out areas in which affiliates have problems with the Amazon platform.

The article also contains the benefits and disadvantages of affiliate marketing for affiliates. Take note that you carefully go through this exhaustive review before you decide on what you want to do.



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