Amazon affiliate marketing program

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

When it comes to affiliate marketing programs, the Amazon affiliate program remains the best in terms of popularity. It has been in the market for a long time and has grown so large that online marketers from all parts of the world have gained access to it.

Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Target don’t come close, as Amazon’s financial value is pegged at $356 billion by Business Insider. Amazon also generates about $180 billion in revenue alone, which makes it the biggest online retailer platform in the globe.

With these characteristics, you should understand that joining Amazon affiliate marketing would be good for your online business, especially if you are thinking of going fully into affiliate marketing.

Therefore, Amazon affiliate marketing or Amazon associates program is a sure-fire way of making money from your blog or website. One easy way to do that is to insert the affiliate links of the products you are promoting for Amazon.

There are many benefits of joining the Amazon affiliate program and one of them is that you earn commissions when you make sales.

So, It is quite easy to join The Amazon affiliate program and they have mouth-watering offers for affiliates like you. If you are wondering how to join the program, read on.

This article provides you with a step-by-step guide, as well as the benefits you get when you join The Amazon affiliate program. But first, let’s take a look at what Amazon affiliate marketing is.

What Is Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Amazon affiliate marketing is a free marketing program for affiliates. So, as an affiliate of the Amazon affiliate program, your job is to advertise services and products from Amazon. You can easily do this if you have a blog or website.

You promote these products by inserting the affiliate links in any content you post on your blog or website. And whenever a client purchases by clicking on your link, you earn commissions.

Your next question should be how Amazon affiliate marketing works. Find out the answer to that in the next section.

How Does Amazon Affiliate Marketing Work?

As an affiliate, the Amazon affiliate program will work for you if you follow these five easy steps.

  1. Create an account on the Amazon affiliate platform.
  2. Get your unique affiliate ID from Amazon. What this does is monitor any sales you make.
  3. Create affiliate links on their portal after your application has been approved.
  4. From there, you can start embedding the affiliate links in any content you post on your blog or website.
  5. You earn commissions whenever a client purchases any links you have posted.

These are the five easy ways that Amazon affiliate marketing works. However, you should note that commission rates differ based on the niche you are selling.

So, before you sign up for Amazon affiliate marketing, we advise that you consider niches and their commission rates.
Apart from the commission rates, there are a few other requirements that Amazon affiliate marketing requires of you. we will outline these requirements in the next part of this article.

Requirements For Joining Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

There are a couple of rules and regulations guiding Amazon affiliate marketing. As an affiliate, you have to stick to these rules or face the risk of being banned from the program. We will identify the rules in the following section.

  1. They expect you to disclose to your audience that you might earn commissions from any links you post on your site.
  2. Posting the prices of products alongside their links is prohibited. This is because prices are subject to change and doing so would cause friction between the platform and the customers.
  3. Do not insert Amazon affiliate links in your ebook or use them for offline promotions.

These are the most basic rules that Amazon affiliate programs have set. And if you follow through, you’d have no problems working with the program.

In the next section, we have identified the processes you need to follow to become an Amazon affiliate marketer.
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Amazon Affiliate marketing

How Do I Join Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

These are the simple steps you have to follow before They can grant you access to the Amazon affiliate marketing program.

1. Create A Blog/Website

You need to have an active website or blog before you can join Amazon affiliate marketing. It would also be more interesting if you have an active YouTube channel where you can post videos of the products you promote.

Also, you have to ensure that you are active on all your social media platforms. Social media is another factor that can help you on your journey as an affiliate.

2. Sign Up To The Amazon Associates Page

The next thing to do is to create a personal account on the Amazon associates page. To do this, navigate to their page and hit ‘Sign Up. After you do that, you would get an application form that you’d need to fill out.

3. Fill In Your Details

After you sign up, Amazon would require you to fill in some of your details. These would include your account information and website address. They will also ask you to explain how you would drive traffic to your site.

4. Verification

Amazon would also require that you fill in your phone number so they can use it to place an automated call to you. A pin would be sent to you after you’ve provided your phone number. And on the call, Amazon would ask you to verify the pin that had been sent to you.

5. Select Your Preferred Method Of Payment

Along with providing your tax ID, you would also be asked to select your preferred method of payment. There are 3 payment options provided by Amazon and you’d have to pick one.

  • Direct deposit: this option is not available to Amazon international affiliates.
  • Check: if you are an international affiliate, you would need the sum of $15 to waive your checks.
  • Amazon gift cards.

6. Create Your Amazon Affiliate Links

This is where the registration process ends. Once you have your account, Amazon would give you access to the Associate’s Program where you can search for products from any niche of your choice.

For any product you choose, you can embed the link in the content that you post on your website, blog or social media platforms.

You are good to go! Now that we have covered all the processes involved in becoming an Amazon affiliate marketer, let’s move on.
Below are some of the benefits of joining Amazon affiliate marketing.

Benefits Of Joining Amazon Affiliate Marketing

As an affiliate marketer, there are several benefits you get when you sign up for the Amazon affiliate marketing program. Some of these Amazon benefits have been outlined below.

  1. Amazon affiliate marketing offers you mouth-watering commissions. However, this depends on the niche you have chosen.
  2. Amazon is a well-known platform that has been in the market for years. What this means is that it is tested and trusted and that would make selling very easy for you.
  3. Amazon takes a proper record of every sale you make and pays you commissions for each of them.


Joining the Amazon affiliate marketing program is the way to go if you want to make passive income from affiliate marketing. You can monetise your site by posting content that has your affiliate links in them.

These products will be purchased from Amazon and whenever someone clicks on them, you make your commission. Which is usually between 1% to 10% depending on your affiliate niche.
Amazon affiliate marketing is easy and free to join.

The platform also has enough features and selling options that will make your job easier. You are set to earn big if you join the Amazon affiliate marketing program. Feel free to go through the article again for any pointers you may have missed.



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