Best affiliate marketing programs

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

Working with the best affiliate marketing programs will show you that there are ways on how to make money with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing programs provide you with the best experience, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a seasoned affiliate marketer.

The best affiliate marketing programs help you earn commissions seamlessly from every product you promote. Several affiliate marketing programs exist but in this article, we have outlined 9 of the best affiliate marketing programs.

What Are Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Just to be clear, you can partner with an affiliate network even if you don’t have personal products or services to sell. These programs have a wide variety of services and products and partnering with them help you earn more as an affiliate. But before we jump right in, here’s what you should know about affiliate marketing programs.

Affiliate marketing programs are agreements struck between a seller and an affiliate marketer. The affiliate receives commissions for every sale they make or whenever they drive traffic to the seller’s site.

As an affiliate marketer, every sale you make is tracked by the unique ID that you get and you can promote these products on your blog, sites and social media handles.

In the next section, we have identified the 9 best affiliate marketing programs that you can work with.

9 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

The best affiliate marketing programs are usually classified under several headings. There are affiliate programs for marketing and business, online courses retail, building websites as well as web hosting.

This goes to say that there are affiliate marketing programs for any niche you might want to focus on.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Building Websites

1. Shopify

Shopify is an online platform that helps people sort out all their e-commerce problems. A lot of people all over the world have resorted to building online stores and Shopify is just what they need.

As an affiliate working with Shopify, your audience should be people interested in dropshipping and those who need online stores. With Shopify, they can build their websites and set up their online stores. As a benefit, they will also learn all the workings behind store management tools and analysis features.

You might be wondering what you stand to gain when you sign up for Shopify’s affiliate marketing programs. As an affiliate, you would earn $2,000 when any of your referrals sign up for the Shopify Plus account.

That’s not all, you’ll also get free Shopify content that’ll help you promote the affiliate products on your sites. And for commissions, Shopify offers a 200% in addition to building an online store for you if you are interested in having one.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Retails

2. Amazon

Amazon is your one-stop online shopping platform where you can buy different products from. These items vary between niches and if you need them, Amazon would provide them.

Notwithstanding, Amazon has an affiliate marketing program that offers you between 1% – 10% of commission for every sale you make. It might not be as impressive as others, but Amazon is an old and trusted name and selling to customers would not be difficult in any way.

3. eBay

Just like Amazon, eBay is another online shopping platform that auctions off items from different niches. Commissions on eBay are between 50% – 70% of the auction fees and are majorly influenced by the monetization of the different niches.

eBay is famous for its different collection of products, impressive commission fates and high conversions. And if you are looking for a well-paying niche on eBay, fashion, parts and accessories are where you should be.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Marketing

4. SEMrush

SEMrush is an online platform that helps digital marketers and affiliates scale up their SEO and competitive analysis tool. The affiliate marketing program that stems from SEMrush is BeRush.

The program offers you a 40% commission whenever a client subscribes. Moreover, You can suggest BeRush to your audience that might require SEO optimisation and an understanding of competitive analysis tools.

5. Fiverr

Apart from being an online site where people hire freelance writers, graphic designers, web designers and other professionals, Fiverr is an affiliate marketing program for business and marketing.

The following are a few products from Fiverr that you can promote on your social media handles, site or blog.

  • Fiverr
  • Fiverr Pro
  • and Fiverr Learn

As an affiliate, there is no limit to the number of clients you can bring. And Fiverr offers you commission percentages between $15 – $50 for every referral you make.

You should consider partnering with Fiverr if you work with clients who are in constant need of graphics and web designers, writers or techies. Or if they generally want to learn a skill or two from the site.

6. CJ Affiliate

With over 300 of the world’s top brands, CJ Affiliate is excellent for marketers. This affiliate program has a recorded commission growth of 43% per annum, which makes it very enticing for affiliates.

However, for you to get accepted on CJ Affiliate, your traffic would need to be impressive. In addition to that, rules and policies are guiding your stay as a publisher on the program. You would need more than just basic knowledge of affiliate marketing if you were to work with CJ Affiliate.

7. ClickBank

ClickBank has been reported to reach at least 200 million people in all parts of the world. In line with that, this platform is popular for its 6 million variety of products and digital services.

ClickBank is gaining speed and is gradually becoming a favourite platform for marketers. The affiliate market program offers you 75% commission and is very reliable when it comes to making payments.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Online Courses

8. Coursera

With a commission of 20% – 45% for affiliates, Coursera offers many digital courses ranging from personal development to movie scripting and marketing.

Each of these courses has been pre-recorded as audios, puzzles and videos. And for every course you finish, you get an assignment that’ll test your understanding in that area.

Besides, As a Coursera affiliate, the benefits include a newsletter with content recommendations and professionally designed e-fliers that you can post on your site.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Web Hosting

9. WordPress

WordPress is the one platform that is behind the building of many websites today. Many sites you see on the internet are built on WordPress. WordPress has several features and templates that will get your website up and running in no time.

So, WordPress is one of the best affiliate marketing programs for web hosting. As an affiliate, your target would be people who need to build new websites. And while it might not be so easy to find them, you should know that WordPress is willing to pay you a 50% commission for every person you refer.

As an affiliate marketer, you don’t need to bother about building websites from scratch. You can also benefit from this affiliate marketing program that will help you build your website, as well as provide several features that will make it attractive enough for clients.


Your choice of an affiliate marketing program will determine your kind of audience, niche and the affiliate commission you will receive. The affiliate programs mentioned in this article caters for different status of affiliate marketers. So whether you’re a beginner, intermediary or advanced marketer, you would see affiliate marketing programs that will suit your status perfectly.

Signing up with the best affiliate marketing programs will be beneficial to you in so many ways. You would not only gain profits and earn commissions, but you’d also get a whole lot of other benefits like owning a personal online store. If you are in search of the best affiliate marketing programs, do well to go through the list we have curated for you.



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