Affiliate Marketing With Shopify

Affiliate marketing with Shopify is another type of affiliate marketing that you might want to look at. Affiliate marketing is a business model where you get paid certain percentages or commissions anytime you sell for a vendor. Generally, these commission rates differ based on the affiliate program, the niche and the product. But they’re usually around 10%-50%.

Affiliate marketing with Shopify has several guidelines and terms defined for that specific program. And to understand it, you’d have to start by learning some concepts of affiliate marketing first.

So, In this article, we have defined what affiliate marketing is, the idea behind Shopify and how you can do affiliate marketing with Shopify.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

For a more detailed review of affiliate marketing, you can go through this article. But affiliate marketing involves getting commissions by selling or promoting services and products for an affiliate vendor.
You will get your pay for every sale you make for affiliate vendors who will pay you for your leads, clicks or for simply driving traffic to their sites.

Usually, you don’t need to pay a fee to anyone to start on affiliate marketing, but some of these programs would require you to subscribe to their premium plans.

Also, one of such affiliate programs is Shopify. So as an affiliate marketer, you’d need to put in a lot of work to ensure that you get good deals, conversion rates and sales. On that note, we will be looking at what the Shopify affiliate program entails.

What Is Shopify?

You can sell an affiliate product on Shopify but first, you must have gained a great deal of understanding of the platform. You will also need to know the rules and guidelines that is in place to avoid fraudulent marketers from cheating the system.

As an affiliate marketer on Shopify, your basic role is to refer clients to buy products from Shopify. But you need to register on the platform and you need your unique affiliate ID for whenever someone makes a sale. What this ID will do is monitor when someone purchases through the link you’ve been given.

Sales made through your links are registered and your commissions are paid to you. The average payment made to a Shopify affiliate is $58, but you can earn better if you put in a lot of time and employ proven strategies.
For an easy practice of affiliate marketing with Shopify, we have outlined 4 simple steps that you can follow.

1. Select and Add Shopify Apps for Shopify Affiliate Marketing

The first thing you need to do is to select apps that would help you with the Shopify affiliate marketing program. We have identified three easy to use Shopify apps. We will include the pros and cons to help you decide easily on which to use.


The Refersion app is a favourite of Shopify affiliate marketers. And while the app is easy to use, it also has helps you hire, manage and pay your affiliates with an easy and established dashboard. With this app, you can create unique coupons that track the sales of your affiliates, thereby reducing your workload.


Some of the benefits of the Refersion app have been outlined below.

  • Setting up automatic coupons that will track the sales of your affiliates thereby saving you time.
  • Access to a whole lot of affiliate partners, which means that you do not have a limited choice of partners.
  • Setting up commission rates based on the products you are selling.


You can only track up to 30 affiliate products with the basic plan.

The subscription plan is pegged at $89 monthly.

LeadDyno App

This second app is the LeadDyno app and with a monthly subscription of $29, the app is popular with affiliate marketers.

Therefore, On this Shopify app, you can customize this platform and fuse it with your Shopify store. Moreover, LeadDyno is a favourite for small business owners who want to have affiliates and one great feature of the app is that as an affiliate tool, you can use it to gain free access to a larger affiliate network. But widening your alternatives and providing you with an opportunity to choose partners that you can comfortably work with.


Some of the pros of the app have been highlighted below.

Being a mobile app for affiliates with links they can use to send referrals to Shopify.

Free access to their larger affiliate network.

30-day free trial.


It can only be used by affiliates in the United States of America.

You might need to be tech-savvy to set up the app.


The third app, Affiliatly, has a subscription plan of $16 per month, which is quite cheap. As a Shopify affiliate app, Affiliatly comes highly recommended and has some features that other Shopify apps do not have.


Being able to pay your affiliates through PayPal or store credit.

Having an unlimited number of referrals.


One downside of the app is that there is a limit to the number of partners you can have. This means that you’d have to make a proper selection of partners that provide results for you.

Best affiliate marketing programs

2. Promote Your Affiliate Program

The second step of doing affiliate marketing with Shopify is that you’ll need to promote your affiliate program. Besides, you won’t automatically get affiliates even after setting up your selected Shopify app. You would need to put in the work by optimising some marketing strategies that have been reported to bring results for affiliate marketers.

But some of these strategies include posting about your affiliate products on your social media handles, websites, or in your emails. You could also start up a YouTube channel where you can post engaging videos and talk about highlights of your affiliate products.

You should know that it’ll be more profitable to enlist affiliates who are in your niche, as this will give you a vantage point over other affiliates. These affiliates would have the expertise and skill which will make selling easier, as well as an understanding of the factors customers looked out for when they buy products online.

3. Inform Your Affiliates

After you’ve made your selection of affiliate marketers, you would need to give them a breakdown of what your affiliate program is all about.

notwithstanding, your rules and regulations should be spelt out and transmit your values to them. So, you might want to ask them how they plan to generate traffic for your site, as that will give you an insight into how much knowledge they have about affiliate marketing.

To set things on the right track for the first time, you might want to consider giving them content templates that they could use for promoting your products.

4. Manage Your Affiliate Program

Lastly, you’d want to take care of your affiliate program by managing it. Take note of how well your affiliates are progressing, as well as how visible your affiliate program has grown. As an affiliate with Shopify, you’d want to evaluate the following factors.

The number of sales you’ve made.

The amount of money you’ve made to your affiliates.

The turnover rate that each of your affiliates makes.

All of these factors will help in evaluating how well your affiliate program is doing and would also point out certain areas that need adjustments.


The information provided in the article is what you should know about doing affiliate marketing with Shopify. This article will show you how to create your own Shopify platform with an app, make sales and professionally handle any issues you might encounter with your affiliates.

But, I will advise you to carry out an extensive reading on our list of Shopify apps to help you decide on which Shopify app to use.



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