10 Travel Affiliate Programs

10 Travel Affiliate Programs

Travel affiliate programs is another profitable affiliate niche and in this article, we have outlined 10 travel affiliate programs for you. 

Most of these affiliate programs offer you an opportunity to join them for free, as well as opportunities to earn commissions. 

Affiliate marketing is no doubt the best way that travel-blog affiliates make money passively. All you need to do is come up with reliable travel blogs and travel information that your clients would find useful. 

Although the niche is quite profitable, coming up with the best 10 travel affiliate programs can be difficult. This is why we have compiled that list for you. So, let’s look at these travel affiliate programs. 

10 Travel Affiliate Programs

1. Cruise Direct

Following the name of this travel affiliate program, you already have a general idea of what it offers. Cruise Direct is one of the best travel affiliate programs you can find. 

As a travel affiliate program, their cookies last for 45 days and as an affiliate, you earn a 3% commission for any sale you make. 

Although this might seem like a small amount, each traveller pays a total of $1,000 for any cruise. So, do your calculations and you will find that you’d be earning an impressive sum. 

2. Tripadvisor as one of the 10 Travel Affiliate Programs

The second travel affiliate program on our list is TripAdvisor and this program has a lot of features to offer to people. 

As an affiliate, you can sell this program by telling your clients about the hotels, tours and tickets that come highly recommended. 

This travel affiliate program is managed by CJ Affiliate, and this makes it easier. You earn a 50% commission whenever a client comes to their site through your links. 

You also receive other benefits when you redirect prospective clients to TripAdvisor’s website. 

3. Expedia

As a travel affiliate program, Expedia makes it easy for clients to book flights, make hotel reservations and rent cars. 

They make your job as an affiliate easier by providing you with catchy offers and services that you can pitch to your audience. 

Each affiliate on Expedia earns 6% for every sale they make and increases your chances of earning more money. 

4. Wego

Wego travel affiliate program is another travel site that offers clients services that range from flight bookings and hotel reservations through affiliate links. 

As an affiliate, you’re entitled to earn commissions whenever you make a sale through your affiliate link. One benefit of this program is that you can earn passively when a client uses the ‘exit click’ on your website. 

What this exit click does is that it redirect clients to Wego’s official website through your links. So, you earn $0.05 to $0.40 for any flight click and $0.20 to $0.80 for hotel clicks. 

While the minimum amount for withdrawal is $100 for PayPal and $500 for bank transfers, payments are made from the 15th to the 20th of each month. 

5. Airbnb Travel Affiliate Program

Airbnb is more than just a luxury rental firm because it also doubles as a travel affiliate program. As an affiliate for Airbnb, you can earn commissions through their Guest or Host affiliate programs. 

On the one hand, the Guest affiliate program allows you to use any of Airbnb’s listings on your site. On the other hand, the Host affiliate program allows you to market their hosting services on your platform. 

You earn up to $72 whenever a client decides to sign up as a guest or a host through your affiliate links. You also get $5,000 in travel credits on each account. 

10 Travel Affiliate Programs

6. Booking.com Travel Affiliate Program

Booking.com travel affiliate program is an easy go-to site that assists travellers to make great travel choices. This program is open to all affiliates as they can also join this program for free. 

This travel affiliate program is managed by Travelpayouts and some of the services they provide their clients with include: banner interrogation options, deep linking and search box. 

Although they pay their affiliates handsomely, their payment is categorized according to how long guests stay in their rentals. 

For commissions, you can earn between 25% to 40% depending on how your referral makes a booking. 

However, you should note that their minimum payout is €100 that can only be sent to your PayPal account. 

7. Flipkey Travel Affiliate Program

FlipKey is affiliated with TripAdvisor Rentals and this travel affiliate program has over 850,000 rental properties in several countries. However, this travel affiliate program is still managed by CJ Affiliate. 

As a travels affiliate program, FlipKey offers the best accommodations to your clients. And as a Flipper affiliate, you earn a 4% commission for every sale and you get a cookie duration of 7 days. 

8. Agoda

The Agoda travel affiliate program has over 950,000 rental spaces in different countries of the world. What this does for you as an affiliate is provide you with enough recommendations for your clients. 

Agoda travel affiliate program has several hotel and apartment options that your clients can choose from. You want commissions according to the number of referrals you bring. 

You get 35% for referrals lower than 30, and 60% for 1000 referrals with one-month reservations. 

9. Lonely Planet Referral Program

Unlike other programs, the Lonely Planet Referral Program is a travel affiliate program that offers clients different travel services. 

This program publishes travel guides, magazines, books, amongst others. Amongst its services, Lonely Planet also allows you to make hotel reservations and book flights. 

As a Lonely Planet affiliate, you earn a 15% commission for every sale you make, and your cookies would last for 30 days.

You also get 12% for every travel guide you sell and these payments would be monthly through PayPal. One other benefit you would get as a Lonely Planet affiliate is dynamic banners that you can use for ads and marketing. 

10. Amazon Travel Affiliate Program

As an affiliate, you need to understand that your clients might need different services outside making flight bookings and hotel reservations. 

This is where the Amazon travel affiliate program comes in. What Amazon does as a travel affiliate program is to provide clients with travel equipment, things like travel gear and clothes. 

Your commissions as an Amazon affiliate depends on the niche you promote. You earn 5.5% if you promote any product from the hiking or camping niche. And you also earn 7% if you promote travel apparel, bags, and other accessories. 

Why You Should Promote Travel Affiliate Programs 

A lot of people are constantly on the road for vacations, tourism, and business. As a travel affiliate, you can earn a lot of money by helping people ease their problems. 

Booking flights, making hotel reservations and providing them with travel guides are some of the things that can earn you the big bucks. 

The only challenge you’d have is getting people to make these reservations through your affiliate links. And this is why you need to be an affiliate for some of the best travel affiliate programs you can find. 

Your affiliate program should offer good services at mouthwatering prices so clients can buy from your links sooner. 

As an affiliate, you should also ensure that your program offers you reasonable cookie length, good commission, support and reliable payment methods. 

Conclusion on 10 Travel Affiliate Programs

People always want to explore new sights and places, and there are countries all over the world that are quite captivating.

This goes to say that the travel affiliate program is an affiliate niche that can never get old, so as an affiliate, there’s a lot you can gain from here. 

However, we have provided you with a list of the 10 best travel affiliate programs that can help you earn big. Be sure to go through the list before deciding on a travel affiliate program. 




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