How To Join Expertnaire Affiliate Program 

How To Join Expertnaire Affiliate Program 

Expertnaire is one of the few affiliate marketing networks that operate in Nigeria and in this article, you will find out how to join the Expertnaire affiliate marketing program. 

Although affiliate marketing has come to be one of the easiest ways through which people, you need to make adequate research before you sign up for any program. 

Expertnaire has made it easy for affiliates in Nigeria and with the resources that the platform provides, it is growing to become one of the most influential platforms. 

In this article, we will describe how you can join the Expertnaire affiliate marketing program. 

However, you should read this article if you are just starting with affiliate marketing.

Let’s start. 

What Is Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing All About? 

The Expertnaire affiliate marketing is an affiliate marketing program based in Nigeria. And unlike the unpopular opinion that Nigerians make money through dubious ways, this program is legal. 

The Expertnaire affiliate marketing program allows affiliates to earn in 6 figures, depending on the work they put in. 

The Expertnaire affiliate marketing program was founded by Toyin Omotoso in 2018.

As a multimillionaire and an affiliate marketer, he has come up with a program that’ll be easy for Nigerians to make legit money from.

Expertnaire affiliate products are majorly digital courses that buyers can get immediate access to. These courses are in book forms as well as video tutorials. 

Expertnaire affiliate marketing is one of the best affiliate programs in Nigeria.

The platform uses its 72IG Implementation Program to teach affiliates how to earn commissions from promoting and selling affiliate products. 

Some of the benefits of the Expertnaire affiliate program includes the following.

Benefits Of Joining Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Program

  • Although the Expertnaire affiliate program does not pay affiliates in dollars, there’s no need for conversion rates. 
  • The program has the 72IG Implementation Program that teaches affiliates a lot of things about affiliate marketing. 
  • You can sell your affiliate products with just organic traffic. 

These are some of the benefits you get when you join the Expertnaire affiliate marketing program. Moving on, let us look at how to join the Expertnaire affiliate marketing program. 

How To Join Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Program

We have outlined two easy ways that’ll show you how to join the Expertnaire affiliate marketing program. 

The first method requires a yearly payment of #10,000 to maintain your access to Expertnaire affiliate products. 

The other process, however, requires you to have the 72IG Income Generator program.

Nonetheless, the Expertnaire affiliate platform remains free to you for one year once you get the program. 

One point you should take note of is that you’ll have to pay the sum of #50,000 to get the program. 

In the next steps, we have identified the process involved in the first method of how to join the Expertnaire affiliate marketing program. 

  • Log on to the Expertnaire website. 
  • Secondly, egister by clicking on the Affiliates Button. 
  • Sign up. 
  • The next page requires your online payment of the #10,000 fee. You can either do a transfer or pay with your ATM card. 
  • Wait for some time for your registration to be complete. Once it’s done, your login details will be sent via email. 
  • You can navigate to your dashboard where you’ll see the affiliate products made available for you. 
  • Make research and find out ways that you can effortlessly sell to people. 
  • Lastly, you start earning commissions. 

How To Promote Affiliate Products When You Join The Expertnaire Affiliate Program


The first way to promote your Expertnaire affiliate products is through WhatsApp. The WhatsApp platform is compatible with affiliates at different levels of their affiliate journey. But this method is very good for affiliate marketing beginners. 

WhatsApp is a social media site that almost everyone uses. It is free and easy to use, and you don’t have to pay any extra charge for promoting your affiliate products. 

To use this platform, you might just want to create an affiliate group and add people who have an interest in buying your products.

You can also do this easily if you purchase the 72IG Generator program. This has all the necessary information to teach you about WhatsApp affiliate marketing. 

Email Marketing

Firstly, email marketing is one of the best promotion methods when it comes to affiliate marketing. 

However, one requirement for email marketing is your lead or emails. Your emails have to be convincing and engaging enough to hook people to your offer.

Your headline, introduction and content have to be up to par. Introduce your affiliate products and make the readers understand how these products would solve their problems. 

Likewise, your audience and responses increase when people see that you care for their needs, and not about making money or sales. 

You must know how to write convincing emails before you decide to use email marketing to promote your affiliate products. 

MailChimp or SendinBlue comes in handy if you want to conduct email marketing by yourself. You can get authentic email lists from people who sell them on Fiverr. 

Blog Posts And Websites

Although it is quite easy to create a blog, you can hire a professional web designer to build one for you. 

Blogs and websites are important to your journey as an affiliate marketer. They make it easy for clients to peruse your affiliate products and also make for a great place where your traffic can get more information. 

However, you can still opt to learn how to do so when you join the Expertnaire affiliate marketing program. 

Social Media Adverts

The fourth way to promote affiliate products when you join the Expertnaire affiliate marketing program is to run ads on your social media platforms. 

You can create short videos about each product you’re promoting. In these videos, you can talk about the benefits of each product and how it’ll help the buyer. 

That way, you get more clients when you dish out more value.

You can hire a professional video editor on Fiverr if video editing would be too much trouble for you. 

Other Questions You Might Have On How To Join Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Program

What is the 72IG Implementation Program?

Also known as the 72-Hour Income Generator Program, this program provides affiliate marketers with the necessary selling knowledge. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re an affiliate on Expertnaire or not, this program is open to all.

The program helps you increase your affiliate skill set and teaches you how to market effortlessly. 

The brain behind this program is Toyin Omotoso, the founder of the Expertnaire affiliate marketing program. 

What Benefits Do I Get From the 72IG Implementation Program?

There are several benefits you get when you sign up for the Expertnaire affiliate marketing program. And some of these benefits are comprised of the following. 

  • Unlimited access to learning resources including videos and premium books. 
  • Access to selling templates you can use in your emails and social media handles. 
  • Free access to their support group on Facebook and telegram. 
  • One year of access to the Expertnaire affiliate marketing platform. 
  • Guides on how to buy domain names and optimise your website. 

Although these are few, there are other benefits that you still get when you sign up for this affiliate program. 

How do I Join the 72IG Implementation Program

Joining the Expertnaire affiliate marketing program is easy. All you need to do is to pay the sum of #50,000 to register for the program. 

You will get access to the 72IG Implementation Program once you make payments. 


Although the Expertnaire affiliate marketing program is not on our list of best affiliate marketing programs, we kept it specifically for this purpose. 

Although the Expertnaire affiliate marketing is not just for Nigerians, it happens to be the best affiliate marketing program for Nigerians.

In this article, we have highlighted the easy steps on how to join the program. On that note, if you have an interest in joining this program, be sure to go through this article.




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