Small Business Ideas For Female Students.

Small Business Ideas For Female Students.

In this article you will learn small business ideas you can indulge in for female college students.

Contrary to popular opinion there are lots of businesses female students can engage in despite being in college.

In fact, the best time to start up any business as a female student is while you are still in college.

This will build your knowledge in entrepreneurship before you graduate from college.

And will also help you take care of little fees in college.

Therefore starting a business as a female college student is not a bad idea at all.

So, female college students who are still trying to think of small business ideas should read this article. it will help you decide on which small business idea you can do as a female college student.

Which Small businesses can I engage in as a female college student?

Below are ten small business ideas you can do as a female college student.

  • Ushering.
  • Selling jewelry.
  • Freelance Writing.
  • Hair Making.
  • Selling cleaning agents.
  • Fitness trainer.
  • Graphic design.
  • Selling writing materials.
  • Presenter / Anchor.
  • Selling hair accessories.

1. Ushering.

If you have good organizing and orderliness skills, then you can become a female usher in college events and other programmes.

Render ushering services both outside and inside the college environment and get paid for it.

Get enough experience in the ushering field. Know what it takes to become an excellent usher.

 Then you can start up your own ushering agency, where you train other people who want to become ushers.

However, you have to ensure that attending events as an usher doesn’t interfere with your schoolwork.

You need to create a balance to avoid lapses in your academics.

2. Selling jewelry.

As a female college student, you can make money from selling quality jewellery in school.

There are many strategic places to sell your market in school.

You can go to female hostels and lodges, female staff quarters, lecture rooms and market your jewellery.

This business is a lucrative business that will certainly fetch you some money.

You can specialize in selling pieces of jewellery like earrings, necklaces, wristwatches, bracelets, brooches etc.

Create a jewellery brand and make it known in college and outside the college

And in the future, you can establish a jewellery shop in your neighbourhood. However, to start this business as a female college student, you will need a reasonable amount of capital. This can be gotten from your savings.

3. Freelance Writing.

As an intelligent female college student who loves writing, starting freelance writing as a business is a good idea.

There are different types of writing so you will have to find your niche, and develop that area.

You can write a research thesis for your fellow students or write a resumé for people in search of jobs. You can also write articles for websites or write email newsletters.

Whatever aspect of writing you decide on, work on it and become excellent in that area.

Most companies and establishments will surely seek your services even as a female student.

4. Hair Making.

Do you know how to plait hair and make it look good?

Then you can use your hair making skills to make some money as a female college student.

You don’t need a salon of your own to make money to start up. However, you can get a job as a soloist in a nearby salon inside your college premises.

The time you would be available in the salon should be regulated in such a way it doesn’t clash with your studies.

Start by making your friends hair for some token, let them showcase the hairstyle to other friends.

You could ask them for a review that will help build your portfolio as a good hairstylist.

Post your handiwork in social media handles and College group chats this would be helpful in bringing more customers.

5. Selling Cleaning Agents.

Selling soaps, detergents, bleaching agents, is also a good business idea for a female college student.

Especially if you know how to produce these cleaning agents yourself. You can produce in large quantities, then put them in containers and sell them.

But if you do not know how to produce these cleaning agents yourself, then you can buy and retail.

Every decent being needs to clean up, so the importance of having cleaning agents cannot be overlooked.

6. Fitness trainer.

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Do you take health, fitness and well-being in high regard?

Then you can become a personal fitness trainer in college.

Form a fitness team and attract people with like-minds and some other students who want to keep fit.

You can coach these ones to achieve their dream body and get them to pay a specific fee. Also, you can retail exercise equipment and wear it to your fitness team.

Your target could be your fellow ladies who are quite overweight and would love to trim down a bit.

Or even guys who want to build their body into a better shape.

Small Business Ideas For Female Students.

7. Graphic design

As a female college student, you can become a pro in graphic design and make money from it.

Even with just your smartphone, you can design logos, emblems, fliers, brands etc, for a good price.

There are many businesses right there in college that need the services of a graphic designer.

All you need to do is develop yourself as a graphic designer, and become known in school.

This business is something you can continue with even outside of college.

And being a female college student shouldn’t stop you from developing your graphic design skills.

8. Cartooning

This is another small business idea for Female College Students.

Although, cartooning is not a business idea that easily comes to a young lady’s mind.

However, if you have the skill of drawing cartoons, then you can turn it into a business right there in college.

Draw your cartoons and sell them off to companies and individuals in need of such services.

9. Presenter / Anchor.

If you are a good female orator then you can anchor different school events and get paid for them.

Some events you can anchor include, students dinner night, health talk, debate, financial meetings etc.

You can also continue with this business after school by working in radio stations or becoming a Voice-over artist.

10. Hair Accessories and Wig Making Business.

Selling hair accessories in college as a female college student can fetch you some money.

Some hair accessories you can sell include hairbands, hairnets, hair bonnets, ribbons and bows, hairpins, barrettes, etc.

You can sell these to your fellow female college students or even to female lecturers.

Furthermore, starting a wig making a revamping business while you’re still in college is a great business idea.

Nowadays wigs are in high demand among female folks. So if you know how to make quality wigs, you can as well put your skills to good use.

One good thing about this business is that you do not need too much capital to start.

Conclusion On Small Business Ideas For Female College Students.

Establishing any business as a college student will not be bread and butter.  But with determination and consistency success is achievable.

Hope you found this article on small business ideas for Female College Students very helpful.

Do well to share with your friends and family. Leave a comment on the comment section below we will love to hear from you.

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