Shopify Affiliate Payout

Shopify Affiliate Payout

Shopify affiliate payout is done based on the kind of traffic you pull into the Shopify website or the number of sales you make.

And yes, you can do affiliate marketing with Shopify. But as an affiliate on Shopify, you get paid in line with your activities and the type of program you are part of.

Although certain factors affect the commission rate you, the fact remains that you are entitled to the Shopify affiliate payout. 

In this article, we will look at the factors that affect Shopify affiliate payout.

But before we get into that, let us look at what the Shopify affiliate program is all about. 

Let’s get started! 

What Is Shopify?

With its headquarters in Ontario, Canada, Shopify was founded by Daniel Weinand, Scott Lake and Tobias Lutke in 2004.

The platform has over one million online Shopify stores and rakes in billions of dollars yearly. 

Shopify is an online e-commerce platform designed for small and big businesses, as well as for affiliate marketers. 

Shopify affiliate marketers can optimise their online marketplace by setting up different e-commerce stores across social media and the internet. 

However, the Shopify e-commerce platform is very reliable and readily available to businesses of different scales. 

We have outlined some of the benefits of the Shopify affiliate marketing program in the next section.

Shopify Affiliate Plans And Pricing

Like most affiliate marketing platforms, Shopify has different plans that you can subscribe to.

What these plans help you do is provide you with more upgraded features you can use to optimise your online shop. Although some of these platforms are somewhat expensive, they give you the best features and make selling easier for you. 

And as an added benefit, you get a 14-day free trial to use these plans before you can decide to subscribe to any of them.

So, what are these plans and what are their prices? Find out below. 

  • Shopify Lite: you can subscribe to this plan for a flat-rate fee of $9 every month. 
  • The Basic Shopify plan requires a monthly subscription fee of $29.
  • You need to subscribe with $79 before you can use the Shopify plan. 
  • The Advanced Shopify is pegged at a $299 monthly subscription. 
  • And finally, the subscription rate for Shopify Plus is $2,000 for each month. 

These prices differ according to the plan and they each give you upgraded features, better than the last.

So, to optimise your e-commerce store and keep returning clients, you need to personalise your shop. And these plans can help you achieve that. 

Let us look at some of the benefits of the Shopify affiliate program in the next section.  

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of The Shopify Affiliate Program? 

The benefits you get from the Shopify program as a Shopify affiliate marketer are as follows. 

  • High commission rates. 
  • Great optimisation features for your online shop. 
  • Unique affiliate IDs that track all your sales. 
  • Online managers that offer 24 hours customer service. 
  • The software is easy to use.  
  • Online courses that teach you more about the Shopify affiliate program. 
  • 14-day free trial. 
  • Optimisation of the name and fame Shopify has built. 
  • Shopify apps that make affiliate marketing relatively easy. 

You can check here for further details about Shopify affiliate apps.

Moving on, let us take a look at how Shopify affiliate payout works. 

How Does Shopify Work?

As stated earlier in the article, several factors affect your payment from the Shopify affiliate platform. Two of these factors include the Shopify program that you’re on and the niche in which you sell. 

The commission rates for Shopify affiliates can be anywhere between 10% – 85%, though this depends on the product you market. 

These factors affect the Shopify affiliate payout and the commission rates you receive. In this part of the article, we will explain how Shopify affiliate payout works and what you stand to earn from each of their programs. 

So, read on!

Shopify Affiliate Payout

Shopify Store Plan Affiliate Payout

You will get a recurring commission of 20% off the fee that a merchant subscribes monthly. However, you must subscribe to any of the following: Shopify Lite, Shopify Basic, Shopify or Advanced Shopify, to get your pay. 

Other terms include that the merchant has to remain a Shopify customer and you have to remain an active Shopify user. 

If you sign up for Shopify Plus, you will get 10% of a merchant’s subscription fee every month. You would, however, need to build a development store as part of the deal between you and Shopify. 

Shopify Plus Referrals Affiliate Payout

Shopify will pay you 10% of a merchant’s subscription fee if you refer anyone to the Shopify Plus programme. This commission would be recurrent for as long as the merchant keeps paying and you are an active Shopify partner. Although feasible, terms are guiding this Shopify affiliate payout.

You must fill out the Shopify Plus lead submission form for proper documentation. 

You only get commissions for brand new Shopify Plus leads.

Shopify will pay you 10% if you subscribe to the Shopify Plus program. 

Your lead needs to keep subscribing to the plan for you to receive your pay as planned. 

Shopify Affiliate Referrals Payout

Affiliates who subscribe to Shopify, Shopify Basic and Advanced Shopify are the only ones eligible for this Shopify affiliate payout.

So if you are on any of these plans, Shopify will pay you a commission from the merchant’s subscription for only the first two months. 

The terms of this Shopify affiliate payout entails that you will only receive commissions for the first two months of the merchant’s subscription. 

You won’t get the commission for the second month if the merchant leaves Shopify after the first month. 

If the merchant opts for a lower Shopify plan after the first month, you will get a new commission rate that is equivalent to the new subscription fee. 

If the merchant decides to pay for a yearly subscription, you will get the commission for only the first two months. 

Shopify Apps Affiliate Payout 

The Shopify apps affiliate payout is open to the subscribers of any Shopify plan. So, the benefit for affiliates who opt for the $9 or $2,000 Shopify plan remains the same. 

However, the terms of this Shopify affiliate payout include the following. 

All the Shopify apps must be in line with the Shopify Partner Program Agreement. 

The only person who receives the earnings from the sale of the Shopify apps is the app manager. 

You have to register to sell in the app store if you want to join a new revenue plan. 

Joining a new revenue plan means that you’ll have to report all Associated Developer Accounts to Shopify. 

As a Shopify Affiliate, you will earn 80% of the revenue when you make a one-time sale. You also get recurring earnings from this Shopify affiliate payout when someone makes purchases or upgrades through the Shopify app store. 

Also, if the revenue earnings for the Shopify app store is up to $1,000,000 you get 100% commission when you sign up for the new revenue plan. If on the other hand, the revenue for the Shopify app store surpasses $1,000,000 you only get a commission of 85%. 

Shopify Themes Affiliate Payout 

As a Shopify Affiliate, you are entitled to 100% of all revenues made from the sales of themes through the Shopify theme store.

However, this is only applicable if the revenues are up to $1,000,000. 

However, if the revenue for the Shopify themes surpasses $1,000,000, you only get 85% of the total revenue. 


Your role on the Shopify affiliate payout s to ensure that you bring in more traffic and make more sales.

Shopify on the other hand will ensure that you get your commission for all the affiliate products you sell. Feel free to read through for a better understanding of how the Shopify affiliate payout works.



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