How To Get Amazon Affiliate Links

How To Get Amazon Affiliate Links

As an affiliate marketer on Amazon, you need to know how to get Amazon affiliate links. Amazon affiliate marketing also known as Amazon Associates can help you monetise your social media handles, YouTube channel and blog. 

All you need for this to happen is to sign up for their program. Registration doesn’t take a lot of time, as replies are made quickly and approvals are immediate. 

As a bonus for joining their affiliate program, the platform generates affiliate links for you. Not only do these links help you promote your affiliate products, but they also establish relationships between your affiliate links and your affiliate products. 

However, you would need proper guidance and direction on how to get Amazon affiliate links. This is why we have written this article. 

In this article, we will show you how you can get your Amazon affiliate links and what you should know about cookies. 

Read on to find out. 

What You Should Know About Amazon Affiliate Program

The first thing you should know about Amazon is that Jeff Bezos came up with the idea of Amazon. And it became a success after he first used the platform to sell only books. 

Over time, the company has grown in both size and wealth and is considered to be one of the big earners in affiliate marketing. 

Now Amazon is the most popular affiliate program with the most number of affiliates. And what this means is that you can’t find another affiliate program that is as big as Amazon.

One other factor that affiliates like this program for is how easy it is to join. As well as its flexibility for big and small online businesses.

So, if you are an affiliate looking for an affiliate program to join, Amazon is the place you should be. 

You should read this article for further information on how much Amazon makes as revenue in a year and how much commission you stand to earn.

But for now, we are more concerned with how you can get Amazon affiliate links. And you can find that out in the next section. 

How To Get Amazon Affiliate Links

The following procedures are steps that you can follow to get Amazon affiliate links. 

Log Onto Your Amazon Account 

The reason you should log onto your Amazon account is that your link text generates in a way that will be associated with the product you’re promoting. You don’t want your link text to be any different from your affiliate products. 

Select ‘Product Linking’ In The Top Bar

Meanwhile, clicking on Product Linking will redirect you to another page where a prompt will direct you on how to get Amazon affiliate links. 

Identify The Affiliate Product

You need to identify the affiliate product you want to promote. To easily do that, search through Amazon or enter the Amazon Standard Identification Number of the product. 

The ASIN is usually an alphanumeric code that consists of 10 characters. These numbers are regularly given to products for easy identification and are found in ‘Product Information.

If you, however, can’t find the ASIN in that section, you can go through Amazon’s catalogue for details of your affiliate product.  

Hit The ‘Go’ Button 

After you insert the product description in Amazon’s catalogue section, click the ‘Go’ button. 

What this does is create a pool of results at the bottom of your current page. Regardless, ensure that the results are right for the products you are promoting. 

Select The ‘Get Link’ Button 

On the right side of the page is a button that says ‘Get Link.’ Click on that button and that will copy the newly generated Amazon affiliate link to your clipboard. 

The new link is the Amazon affiliate link that you’ll use in all the promotions you’ll be doing for your product. 

Another Option

Another method you can get these links is through SiteStripe.

Using SiteStripe is an easier method of generating Amazon affiliate links. The SiteStripe is easy to find, as it is located at the top of the product page. 

To use the SiteStripe, enter the product details in the bar and hit on the text button where you see ‘Get Link.’ The result would be a new link generated for you in the popup. 

Use Link For Promotions

You can use the Amazon affiliate links generated from both places for promotional activities. All that is required of you is that you stick to the rules and regulations guiding the Amazon affiliate program. 

Some of the rules you should be aware of include: 

  • Attracting your traffic/audience with engaging and resourceful content. 
  • Sharing links relevant to your affiliate product on your YouTube channel or social media handles. 
  • Amazon does not allow the use of Amazon affiliate links for offline promotions, emails or books.

The above steps are easy ways through which you can get your Amazon affiliate links. The next thing you might want to consider is knowing how long your cookies would last. 

How To Get Amazon Affiliate Links

How Long Do Cookies For Amazon Affiliate Links Last?

For each Amazon affiliate link you generate, there is a cookie that will be active anytime your traffic clicks on it. 

While these cookies might last for a short time, there are certain benefits that you get. Firstly, cookies ensure that you get commissions for any sale you make through your Amazon affiliate links. 

And secondly, they easily keep track of your sales and progress. The cookies obtained for Amazon affiliate links can last up to one day.  

The cookies stay in their browser for 24 hours and if they make any purchase within that time, you would get commissions for whatever product they’re buying. 

But if not, the commission does not come to you. The major benefit of Amazon affiliate cookies is for you to earn more money. 

However, for that to happen, you need to generate the traffic that’ll click on your Amazon affiliate links in the first place. 

This is all you need to know about getting Amazon affiliate links and Amazon affiliate cookies. In the next section, you will find out how you can earn when you get Amazon affiliate links. 

How Do You Earn When You Get Amazon Affiliate Links?

You might be wondering how you’ll earn the cool cash after you finally learn how to get Amazon affiliate links. 

Well, here’s how. 

  • Choose an affiliate niche on Amazon. 
  • Write compelling and engaging articles that’ll keep your audience coming back for more. 
  • Post consistently. In other words, always be available to provide value for your audience. 
  • Advertise your affiliate products on YouTube and your other social media handles. 
  • Ensure that you embed your Amazon affiliate links in your articles. 

When you do all of these, you receive commissions from Amazon in two ways. You can either decide to be paid via direct deposit, where all your commissions would be paid directly into your bank account.

Or you can opt for Amazon gift cards. The sum of your commissions would be converted to gift card value and sent to you. 

One other way that you get your pay from Amazon is through the check that they’ll send to your mail. 

Although the time frame for each method of payment might differ, Amazon would pay you completely, regardless of your preferred payment. 

Lastly, we’ll look at the benefits of the Amazon affiliate program in the next section. 

Benefits of the Amazon Affiliate Program

  • Easy tracking of sales. 
  • You get your pay on time.
  • You get access to a wider range of affiliate marketers. 

These are the basic benefits of using the Amazon affiliate program. 


We have outlined steps on how you can get Amazon affiliate links. Ensure you follow these steps and implement them. 

Getting Amazon affiliate links would become quite easy if you do as directed. 



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