Top 20 Small business ideas for Men

Top 20 Small business ideas for Men

I have a feeling you will find this article on top 20 small business ideas for men very handy.

Because it is every man’s desire to provide and take good care of his family. Providing financial security becomes an ultimate goal that needs to be met.

However, ensuring financial security is a great task that requires diligent work, consistency, passion and sacrifice.

To achieve this, all men need stable multiple sources of income, and this can be achieved through building lasting businesses.

In recent times having only a nine to five job doesn’t always guarantee

financial freedom.

So are you a young man who is just about to start life? Or a Family man or a single dad who is looking for an additional source of income? Or are you a man in need of a retirement plan?

Have you been searching for small business ideas you can use to make money? Then, certainly, you can’t afford to miss this article.

This article will get you informed on the top 20 Small business ideas for men. 

Some of the small business ideas for men that are listed in this article require more capital than the others.

However, these small businesses remain a good avenue for making extra income.

Ensure you get to the very end of this article and trust me, you will be glad you did.

What are the Top 20 Small Business ideas for Men?

Listed below are 20 Small business ideas for men. 

Starting up a business from scratch is not an easy endeavour. However, any man with a willing heart and passion to pursue these businesses will surely make a good income from them.

These businesses include;

  • Supermarket business
  • Poultry business
  • Open a bar/ wine shop
  • Barbing salon
  • Transportation Services.
  • Start a school
  • Become a Voice Over Artist.
  • Start a Cleaning Business.
  • Fish farming
  • Footwear Business
  • Interior decorator.
  • Tailoring.
  • Event planner.
  • Painting.
  • Grain Business.
  • Open a phone shop.
  • Bakery.
  • Coaching Business.
  • Boutique business.
  • Automobile business

1.Open a Supermarket

Starting a Supermarket business is an ideal small business venture for men. 

You can open a supermarket where you can sell different groceries, both perishable and non-perishable household items.

These are items that make day to day living easier, so surely you will be patronised by people.

If possible you can start up with a promo price to attract customers.

This business idea requires a reasonable amount of capital. Hence you need to check your pocket before venturing into it.

However, you can decide to start small and expand the business into a big shopping mall in future.

This is a good business idea for men with good Marketing and Managing skills.

2. Poultry Business

Rearing chickens or turkey for both meat and eggs is another great way of making an extra income.

Anywhere you live, you are sure to find meat and egg lovers. Starting up this business will require appropriate knowledge of how to cater for livestock.

Nevertheless, you could learn how to start your own poultry from an expert who is already flourishing in the business.

You will decide whether to rear layers, broilers or both.

The good thing is you can start to sell your chickens as early as six weeks old. Customers you can sell to include restaurants, hotels, schools and other people who need meat for different occasions.

You can also supply eggs to bakeries and die-hard egg lovers.

3. Open a bar/ Wine Shop.

Many men and also women love to drink as a way to ease off stress after a hectic day.

Opening a wine shop where they can easily purchase quality drinks is a good business idea. Or better still you could also start up a bar where they can relax and cool off.

To run this type of business though, you shouldn’t be drawn to too much alcohol. This is because, for your business to grow, you need a clear head to manage it.

If you have a small outlet in your home you can start from there and then establish a better place in future.

4. Barbing Salon

Men will always love to shave and look good especially when trying to impress their women.

Also, a certain percentage of women go on low cut these days.

Therefore starting a barbing salon wouldn’t be such a bad idea if you have barbering skills.

If not you can open one and employ a trusted person to man the shop.

In the nearest future, you can convert it into a VIP barbing salon where you sell luxury and comfort. This will depend on the packaging and the calibre of persons that patronize you.

5. Transportation Services

Do you have a car or a fleet of cars? You can easily convert them to be used for cool transportation services.

This will certainly fetch you money in no small way.

However, you have to maintain the cars and ensure they are in good condition.

You can register with transportation apps, so you can easily find jobs.

Or you can build your transportation network with a good guiding policy.

Choosing your routes and the destinations you will go to will solely depend on you.

Furthermore, through diligence and hard work you can own a registered private transportation company in the long run.

6. Start a School

If you have a passion for teaching, educating and mentoring young people, then you can delve into the academic field.

Also if you’ve been in this profession for some time and gotten enough experience, then you can start your own school.

Having your own school as a business will definitely not be a bed of roses.

But with your passion at heart and consistent labour, it will certainly flourish.

7. Become a Voice Over Artist

Do you have a good professional voice that catches attention whenever you speak?

Then you could well as a voice-over artist, become an on-air-personality as a part-time business.

There are a whole lot of places you can function in. They include radio stations, television shows, commercials etc just to mention a few.

However, if you don’t have the voice don’t write this idea off yet, you could still train your voice.

Becoming a Voice Over Artist can bring an additional source of income to you and your family.

8. Start a Cleaning Agency

Not everyone has time to do their cleaning themselves. Look around your environment if there are cleaning opportunities, then you could consider starting a cleaning business.

On a big scale, you can offer cleaning services to homes, offices, schools etc. However, you will certainly need additional hands on this.

Running a cleaning agency could have its tolls sometimes, but it is sure to bring in extra income.

9. Fish Farming

Fish farming is quite a lucrative business if you know how to go about it.

You can decide to rear catfish in small ponds which you can grow into large ponds in the long run.

This will surely boost your family income in no small way.

Delving into Fishery and Aquaculture shouldn’t be only for fishermen. I know an engineer who runs a fish business right in his home and so far it is flourishing well.

If you are a Stay-at-home dad you could actually consider this business idea and make some cash from it.

10. Footwear Business

Are you a craftsman who is talented in making footwear? Surely you can groom this talent into a lucrative business.

However, if you do not know how to produce footwear, you can buy and retail quality ones.

Be it Men, Women, Children or Baby footwear. One thing is certain you will definitely make cool cash out of it.

Because everyone, whether rich or poor, needs to protect their feet from harm. Moreover, they certainly can’t walk barefooted to their workplaces.

If you have some capital to start this business then don’t hesitate, because it will surely become an added advantage.

11. Interior Decorator

Starting an Interior decoration business is not only for women, men also do well in this area. A man with good knowledge of colour combinations and a keen eye for aesthetics could give the interior decoration a try.

Simply bring a given space alive with your creativity. You could decorate houses, offices, shops and make them look great to reside or work in.

If you believe you are innovative and have the creativity inside of you. Then I guess it’s high time to bring it out and make some money.

12. Tailoring Business

If you are talented in making beautiful clothes. Then you can invariably turn this talent into an amazing business.

Clothing is a basic need of man. We all need to cover our nakedness and look good too.

So make and design cool clothes and build your network of customers.

You can post your handwork online for advertisement. Also, let your clothes speak for you on the bodies of those that wear them. Try and you get referrals from each cloth you sew.

13. Event planner

Do you love organizing parties and various official events? Turn your passion into a rewarding business and make cool cash.

If you have organizational and leadership skills and can make excellent decisions under pressure, then you can try event planning.

Planning events can be really stressful but with hard work and dedication, you can easily pull through. 

Moreover, there’s a certain kind of fulfilment planning successful events bring to the planner. 

When you’ve got enough experience in the event planning sector, you can easily set up your own event planning agency.

Because our world has gone digital, It is wise to employ the use of social media in event planning.

As an event planner, you can also offer party rentals such as canopies, chairs, event lighting, coolers etc to people. This side hustle will increase the income of each event you plan.

Always let your customers know that you offer such services and make them see reasons why they should patronize you.

14. Painting

Painting is another lucrative small business idea for men. If you have the zeal, you can learn the art of painting and turn it into a good business.

Houses are being built on a daily basis and will require the services of a painter.

Offices and buildings that need to be renovated will also require painting.

You can establish your painting business when you’ve learnt how to go about the business.

Furthermore, you can also open a paint shop and sell quality paints to other painters.

15. Grain Business.

This is a great business idea for men. You don’t require a school certificate to become a grain dealer.

However, you will have to learn the business from someone who has gone ahead of you.

And you will have to register your business when you finally establish yours.

The market is full of different types of grains such as rice, wheat, corn etc. which you can buy in bulk and retail.

Or you can order lorries of grains and sell them in bulk.

As a beginner, you can start from small, then as the business grows you expand your capacity.

16. Open a Phone Shop

Opening a phone shop is a good business idea for men.

This particular business is actually capital intensive and you may not see gains immediately.

However, if you have enough capital, opening a phone shop is a good investment. And will surely yield cool income in the nearest future.

Moreover, in modern times Android and IOS phones have become a necessity.

And seemingly the majority of the masses cannot do without it.

You can also add repair of phones as another service one can get in your phone shop.

17. Bakery

Although the baking business is more popular among women, it is not just for them.

As a man, you could open a bakery, where all sorts of pastries and snacks can be baked.

If you know how to bake well then you can do the baking yourself.

However, if you don’t know how to bake you can employ someone who does.

 Bread, Cakes, meat pie are mostly on-demand, so you can supply to outlets in need of such services.

If you are really good at baking, then you may not need to build a bakery from the beginning.

You can easily start from your home kitchen and then grow the business into a big one.

18. Coaching Business

If you are an expert in any field as a man then you can become a coach to the upcoming generation.

If you are into fitness then you could be a fitness coach, or a football coach, or basketball coach etc.

You could also become a relationship coach, helping people create fulfilling and meaningful relationships.

Other areas of coaching include nutrition, sales, health and wellness.

Find your niche and build on it. Give out quality advice on principles that work. Attract a large audience that listens to you. 

Get to know your audience well and how to work with them to maximize your benefits.

You can start up this business right from the comfort of your home with your laptop. Your coaching sessions may be one on one or in groups. However, you’ve got to stay relevant in your field.

19. Boutique Business

Opening a classy boutique is another cool business that can fetch you money in the long run.

It could be Men or women boutique or a unisex boutique.

People with high class and high luxurious taste are your potential buyers. But you will have to decipher ways to make them buy from you.

Your services can include different types of fashion wear such as plain trousers, jeans, canvas, polos etc.

The environment in which you set up boutique matters a lot. Ensure you carry out a survey in your environment before establishing a boutique.

20. Automobile business

This is the last business idea we will be looking at in this article on small business ideas for men.

Retailing automobiles is quite a lucrative business for men. But it is also capital intensive. Therefore if you have a huge capital you can consider going into the automobile business.

Besides you can also add the selling of automobile spare parts to your business venture.

Conclusion On Top 20 Small business ideas for Men

It is paramount that every man leaves an inheritance and a legacy for his future generations.

Starting up a business you can call your own is very essential That is why we provided the top 20 small business ideas for men. The time to hone your skills and make a profit from them is now.

Grow those small business ideas of yours into empires. Establish that conglomerate. Make hay while the sun shines.

Always remember that a good father or a good man leaves an inheritance for his children.

Hope you found this article on the top 20 Small business ideas for men very inspiring?

Inspire your family and friends by sharing this article.

Apart from the businesses listed here, what other business ideas do you think a man can startup?

Let’s hear your answer in the comment section below. Shall we? 


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